How to Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder Watch?

A best golf rangefinder watch gives precise distances to the golf green as well as yardages, dog-legs, layups, and hazards. They help provide instant views of all sides of the course before selecting the type of club to play your shot.

They are simple, easy, convenient and fashionable and help you keep track of scores, positioning, and distances. You’re able to access your scorecard to update your reporting anytime and anywhere.


They come pre-loaded with a plethora of golf courses from around the world. You can access the data by GPS and stay on course from anywhere on the planet. Here’s how to choose the best golf rangefinder watch:

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1. Versatility

Your Golf rangefinder watch can easily connect to your smartphone to keep you in touch at every turn. You can keep track of other notifications and messages while you play. It can be hand-held, or you can wear it like a regular wristwatch.

2. Analytics

The best golf rangefinder watch will help keep you on top of your game at every stage. You never have to miss a shot while your watch is on your hand.

 It enhances your focus to keep your scores as low as possible. You can review your performance and plan your strategy for the next game.

3. User-Friendly

Unlike other models, the golf rangefinder watch can eliminate the need to lug around extra weight while you play. It’s a great choice for new players to help them practice in the best possible conditions. 

The best golf rangefinder watch will be easy to set up and synchronize with devices like Smartphone, iPad, and personal computers.

4. Maximize Your Time

A golf rangefinder watch helps you play quickly and accurately. There’s no need to choose a club or measure distances. They help to determine where to land a particular shot and how to plan your game well of time.

GPS technology lets you map out a course with pre-loaded ranges and gets you familiar with the type, of course, you will play on.

5. Accuracy and Speed

Golf rangefinder watches give precise distances.You’ll never have to guestimate on the course. They help improve your confidence levels and enhance overall performance.

Choose a golf rangefinder watch that gives accurate readings on distances and hazards like water courses, trees, and bunkers. You should be able to view the data quickly, without having to scroll up and down all the time.

6. Design and Comfort

You will be wearing your golf rangefinder watch on the course for long periods. Comfort and design are paramount. The best golf rangefinder watch will be compact, sleek and lightweight, and not wear you down as you move around. 

The model should complement your style and daily routine. Select the type that can also function as a regular watch to keep track of time as you play.

7. Visibility

The best golf rangefinder watch will be able to locate the course quickly. Golfers are mainly concerned with reading measurements. Your golf rangefinder watch will provide high resolution with detailed outlines of each angle of the golf course.

Displays should be clear and give precise shots of the front, back, and center yardages with relative ease.

8. Battery Life

 Performance is key to help you track scores, maps, times, distances and other relevant information to enhance your game. Some golf rangefinder watches come with batteries that can last as much as 10 hours at a time.

The GPS mode can run for up to two months, depending on how often you play. If you plan to play for long periods, choose a battery that gives maximum power without having to recharge often.

9. Price

How much you choose to spend on a golf rangefinder watch depends on your style and overall game. Select a golf rangefinder watch that meets most of your needs for quality, function, style but at a reasonable price.

10. Durability

Most golf rangefinder watches are built to stand up on the golf course. They are water resistant, so you can use them while it’s raining. Choose a watch with materials that are durable, yet comfortable and stylish.

11. Features

Some modern golf rangefinder watches give the experience of wearing a caddy on your hand. They can track your skills, sleep, and tell the time. 

Enhanced features lift your game and increase your confidence. Such features include:

a) Pedometers measure how many calories you expend while playing. They track your movements and monitor your activities and distance from the course as you advance to each hole. 

b) Accelerometers help measures each shot as you play.You can select a range of shots throughout your game. Odometers track your walking distances and provide precise measurements of your shot distances.


If you are an enthusiast or now finding your feet on the course, a golf rangefinder watch is a way to go.They are convenient on and off the course and eliminate the need for toting another piece of equipment by hand.

The best golf rangefinder watch will help you improve your skills, keep accurate distances and scores and boost your confidence on the green.

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