Topgolf Cost Guide

Topgolf Cost Guide

Topgolf is not your average golf spot. It’s a mixing of golf with fun times, music, and yummy food and drinks. In this detailed Topgolf Cost Guide, we will break down all you need to know about the costs. This includes hourly rates, group packages, special promotions, and more. If you’re looking to plan a fun night out or an event with your work friends, we have you covered. This guide is your key to understanding the Topgolf pricing structure and getting the best deal possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Topgolf charges hourly rates for the use of their hitting bays, with prices ranging from $25 to $55 per hour.
  • Group packages are available for parties of 12 or more, with prices starting at $44 per person on weekdays and $49 per person on weekends.
  • Topgolf offers various special promotions, such as Power Hour, College Night, and the Summer Fun Pass, to help make the experience more affordable.
  • Membership options can provide added benefits and discounts for frequent Topgolf visitors.
  • The cost per person can be reduced by playing during off-peak times, taking advantage of special offers, and playing with a larger group.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf blends the fun of golf with the vibe of a cool hangout. It’s a place where people, no matter their golf skills, can have a great time. Guests enjoy swinging clubs in a social setting, making it a unique spot that draws many.

Gather Your Crew

If you’re looking for a fun night out or need to bring your group together, Topgolf is perfect. Reserve a spot ahead of time, or just show up. You’ll definitely want to make sure everyone’s available to play.

Arrive and Check In

Once you get to Topgolf, go to the front desk to get started. The team there will find you a hitting bay, which is where you’ll play. They’re ready to help and get you going on a great time.

Pick Your Game

After finding your bay, you can pick from various games. There’s something for everyone, from beginners to those who’ve been playing for years. You might try hitting targets or fun mini-games with your friends and family.

Topgolf makes it simple to book and enjoy the experience. It’s a place where memories are made every time, no matter how well you play golf.

Topgolf Pricing Overview

At Topgolf, prices change based on where and when you go. The rates are by the hour for each hitting bay that fits six people. Prices are usually higher on weekends and peak hours.

There are also group deals and special offers to help you save money. These are great if you’re watching your budget but still want to have fun at Topgolf. Knowing these options helps you plan a fun and affordable visit.

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Topgolf pricing overview

Planning to go alone or with friends? It’s smart to learn about Topgolf‘s costs and deals first. This way, you’ll enjoy your time at Topgolf more and spend wisely.

Topgolf Cost Guide

Getting into Topgolf is fun and smart when it comes to your budget. Topgolf has many price options for everyone. These include Topgolf hourly rates, group rates, and special promotions. Knowing about these can make your visit more enjoyable without overspending.

Hourly Rates

Topgolf changes its rates based on the time and day. If you go during less busy times, like Monday to Thursday before noon, you might only pay $25 an hour. But during the weekend or busy evenings like Fridays and Sundays after 5 PM, that price can go up to $55 per hour. Picking the right time to visit can help you save money and have more fun for less.

Group Rates

If you’re going with a big group, Topgolf has group deals that offer great value. These deals start for 12 or more people. They give you a private bay, unlimited play, and options for food and drinks. On weekdays, it costs $44 per person. On weekends, it’s a bit more at $49 a person. It’s a great deal for work events, birthdays, or big hangouts.

Specials and Promotions

Topgolf always has something special to offer. From discounts like Power Hour, where you get unlimited play for $30 a bay an hour, to College Night with half off on games if you have a student ID. They also have the Summer Fun Pass, where you pay $199 for unlimited play from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Keep an eye out for these Topgolf specials to get the most fun out of your visit within your budget.

Is Topgolf Expensive?

Topgolf is fun but can cost more than some activities. Yet, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a good time there. Knowing how to save money and using the available memberships can help you enjoy Topgolf without overspending.

Cost-Saving Tips

There are several ways to cut down on costs at Topgolf. Here are a few:

  1. Try to go when it’s less busy, like on weekdays or in the morning. This way, you’ll pay less for your time.
  2. Bring more friends. The cost for each player usually goes down as your group gets bigger.
  3. Look out for special deals. For example, Power Hour lets you play as much as you want for $30 a bay per hour. Or on College Night, show your student ID and get 50% off.

Membership Options

If you love going to Topgolf often, consider getting a membership. It can save you money and give you extra benefits. Depending on the type of membership, you might pay a one-time fee of $5 to $20. Here’s what you could get with a membership:

  • Cheaper rates for game time
  • Discounts on food and drinks
  • Access to special Topgolf events and deals

By using these tips and considering a membership, Topgolf can be affordable. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a work event, you can save money and still have a blast.

Topgolf cost-saving tips

Topgolf Bay Rental Cost

Renting a hitting bay at Topgolf is a major part of the experience. The Topgolf bay rental fee changes by the hour, day, and time of year. For example, on weekdays before noon, it’s about $25 an hour. But, on busy weekend evenings, the price might go up to $55 an hour.

Topgolf bays can hold up to six players. This helps cut down the Topgolf bay cost for each person if you’re in a big group. So, sharing the price with friends or coworkers can save money.

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Topgolf Bay Rental Rates Off-Peak (Mon-Thu before noon) Peak (Fri-Sun 5 PM to close)
Hourly Rate $25 $55
Capacity Up to 6 players

Knowing about the Topgolf bay rental costs helps in planning ahead. This way, you can mix fun and savings. Whether for a fun weekend or a work event, Topgolf has different prices to meet your needs.

Topgolf bay rental

Topgolf Membership Cost

If you go to Topgolf a lot, thinking about a membership is wise. Memberships offer savings and extra benefits. The Topgolf membership cost starts at a one-time fee of $5 to $20 or more. This varies with location and the type of membership you pick.

Membership perks include lower hourly game rates, food and drink discounts, and special event access. With a membership, you save while enjoying your favorite game. Plus, you get exclusive offers only for members.

Decide if a membership is right by how often you visit Topgolf and its cost-saving perks. Look into the different membership levels at your Topgolf. Compare the Topgolf membership cost with the benefits before choosing.

Topgolf membership

Membership Type One-Time Fee Hourly Rate Discount Food & Drink Deals Event Access
Basic Membership $5 – $10 10% off 5% off Limited
Premium Membership $15 – $20 15% off 10% off Exclusive
Elite Membership $20+ 20% off 15% off VIP Access

Membership costs and benefits differ by Topgolf venue. Make sure to check your local Topgolf for current details. This will help you find the perfect membership option.

Topgolf Party Pricing

Topgolf has packages for groups of 12 or more. These packages include reserved bays, unlimited play, and food and drink choices. They’re perfect for any celebration or night out with friends. These packages make your event fun and memorable.

Bronze Package

For just $44 per person on weekdays and $49 on weekends, you get two hours of play. Plus, you get a voucher for food and drinks.

Silver Package

This package is $54 on weekdays and $59 on weekends. It offers two and a half hours of play. You also get a food and drink voucher.

Gold Package

At $64 on weekdays and $69 on weekends, you get the Gold Package. It gives you three hours of playtime. You’ll also receive a food and drink voucher.

Topgolf party packages

Topgolf’s party packages suit various group sizes, budgets, and event lengths. You have options from more affordable to premium. Each package comes with reserved bays, unlimited play, and different food and drink choices. It’s the best way to make your party at Topgolf very special.

Topgolf Simulator Cost

Topgolf also has Topgolf simulator options for more realistic virtual golf. The price to use these simulators changes from place to place. It might cost different amounts based on where you are, like hourly rates or special deals.

If you want to try Topgolf virtual golf, knowing about the costs at your local spot is key. Figuring out how much it costs can help you plan the best way to enjoy Topgolf without spending too much money.

Topgolf Simulator Pricing Options Details Cost
Hourly Rates Per hour of simulator usage Varies by location
Package Deals Inclusive of simulator time and other amenities Varies by location and package inclusions

For the latest Topgolf simulator pricing, it’s smart to check with your nearby Topgolf or online. This way, you’ll know the exact costs and deals available for the simulator experience. It helps make your Topgolf visit well-planned and more fun.

Topgolf Cost per Hour

Playing at Topgolf varies in cost by time and day. You can play for as low as $25 per hour on weekdays, in the morning. But, on the busiest times, like evenings and weekends, it can go up to $55 per hour.

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Weekday Rates

Weekdays offer better prices at Topgolf. The cheapest times to play are Monday to Thursday, before noon. It costs only $25 per hour then.

Weekend Rates

Weekends are a bit pricier at Topgolf. From Friday to Sunday, evening prices are highest at $55. You can save money, though, by playing earlier.

Topgolf hourly cost

Topgolf Rates by Location

The Topgolf pricing structure is pretty much the same everywhere. But, the Topgolf prices by location can change a lot. This depends on where the Topgolf is. Things like the cost of living, local market, and competition can affect prices.

For the latest Topgolf cost comparisons at your chosen spot, check the main Topgolf website. Or, you can call the Topgolf place you want to visit. This way, you’ll get current Topgolf rates and plan better.

Location Weekday Rates
(Mon-Thu before 12pm)
Weekday Rates
(Mon-Thu after 12pm)
Weekend Rates
New York City, NY $35/hr $55/hr $65/hr
Chicago, IL $30/hr $50/hr $60/hr
Los Angeles, CA $40/hr $60/hr $70/hr
Dallas, TX $25/hr $45/hr $55/hr

As shown, Topgolf prices by location can be quite different. Places like New York City and Los Angeles have higher rates. Yet, spots like Dallas offer cheaper Topgolf.

Knowing about these Topgolf pricing variations will help you choose wisely. This is important for fitting your budget and preferences for Topgolf fun.

Topgolf rates by location


The Topgolf experience offers a range of cost options. Prices vary based on when you go, the size of your group, and any discounts. With a little planning, you can get the most fun out of Topgolf without breaking your budget.

Our Topgolf cost guide summary has all you need to know. It covers everything from hourly rates to group packages. Plus, we list membership benefits that could help you save more.

When you and your friends are thinking of visiting Topgolf, check this guide first. It will help you enjoy Topgolf while saving money and making memories.


Q: What is Topgolf?

A: Topgolf is a fun place that mixes golf with a cool atmosphere, music, and good food. It’s a place where you can play golf with friends in a fun way, thanks to technology.

Q: How do I get started at Topgolf?

A: To start, you can book ahead or just show up and wait. When you arrive, the staff will help you find a space to play. You can choose from many games and start swinging right away.

Q: What are the hourly rates for Topgolf?

A: The cost to play at Topgolf varies. It can be from per hour when it’s less busy or up to per hour during evenings and weekends when many people go.

Q: Does Topgolf offer group packages?

A: Indeed, Topgolf has special deals for groups of 12 or more. These deals include a place to play, unlimited games, and food and drink choices. Prices start at per person on weekdays and on weekends.

Q: What special promotions does Topgolf offer?

A: Topgolf often has deals like Power Hour, where a bay is for unlimited play. There’s also College Night with 50% off and the Summer Fun Pass that’s 9 for unlimited play all summer.

Q: Is Topgolf expensive?

A: Topgolf is a bit pricey, but there are ways to save money. Playing at off-peak times, as a big group, or using promotions can make it more budget-friendly.

Q: Does Topgolf offer membership options?

A: Yes, you can get a membership at Topgolf that offers benefits and savings. It usually has a small fee, between and . This depends on the membership type and where you play.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a bay at Topgolf?

A: Renting a bay at Topgolf costs from to per hour. The price changes based on the day and time, with cheaper rates during off-peak hours.

Q: How much do Topgolf simulators cost?

A: Topgolf doesn’t have fixed prices for their simulators. It varies with the location and the kind of deal you choose, whether hourly or for a set time.

Q: Does the Topgolf cost vary by location?

A: Yes, the cost of Topgolf can change by location. Prices might differ due to living costs and how competitive the area is. Yet, the basic pricing is similar at all Topgolf sites.

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