Removing Speed Limiter on EZGO Golf Cart Guide

Removing Speed Limiter on EZGO Golf Cart Guide

You’ve got an electric golf cart and wonder how to take off the speed limiter. This guide will show you how. You’ll learn the safe way to remove the limiter on your EZGO electric golf cart. I, a pro in tweaking golf carts, will guide you step by step. We’ll talk about important stuff and what might change.

Key Takeaways

  • Safely remove the speed limiter on your EZGO golf cart to unlock its full potential
  • Understand the technical aspects and safety considerations involved in the speed limiter removal process
  • Explore the legal implications and regulations surrounding golf cart speed modifications in your area
  • Anticipate the impact on battery life and overall performance when removing the speed limiter
  • Consider alternative speed enhancement methods that may be safer and more practical for your needs

Understanding Golf Cart Speed Limiters

Golf carts are widely used in places like golf courses and neighborhoods. They often come with speed limiters. These prevent the carts from going too fast and keep everyone safe. Knowing why these limiters are there is key, especially if you want to change or remove them.

Why Speed Limiters are Implemented

Speed limiters on golf carts are all about staying safe. They keep speeds down in places where fast-moving carts could hurt people or damage things. Since golf carts are open and lack safety gear, fast accidents are more risky.

Also, going fast uses up the cart’s battery quickly. This shortens how far the cart can go. Plus, many places have laws about how fast golf carts can go. These laws are made to keep everyone safe.

Safety Considerations

But, unlocking your cart’s speed by removing the limiter is a choice to think about. Without the limiter, your cart could be faster but less safe. It could cause worse accidents because of its missing safety features. This might hurt the driver or those nearby.

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Legal Restrictions and Regulations

There’s also the law to think about. In many places, there are specific rules for golf cart speeds, usually 15-20 mph. Breaking these rules could lead to fines or legal trouble. Make sure to check the laws in your area before making any changes.

Preparing for Speed Limiter Removal

To take off the speed limiter from your EZGO electric golf cart, you’ll need some key tools required for EZGO golf cart speed limiter removal. This includes safety goggles, a set of wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and a voltmeter. These equipment needed to remove EZGO golf cart speed limiter are crucial for safe work. They help you to disconnect the battery and reach the speed limiter parts for any needed changes.

Safety is super important during this work. First, put on your safety goggles. Then, unhook the battery to avoid any shocks. Also, watch out not to harm the golf cart’s electric system when you lift off the speed limiter. It’s smart to mark the wires you undo for easy putting back together.

By following these precautions to take when removing EZGO golf cart speed limiter, you make sure the job is done safely and well on your EZGO golf cart.

tools required for EZGO golf cart speed limiter removal

Removing Speed Limiter on EZGO Golf Cart Guide

This guide details how to remove the speed limiter on your EZGO electric golf cart. The process starts with disconnecting the battery to keep you safe. It also protects your cart’s electrical system. Then, you find and adjust the speed limiter. This part is usually near the motor or in the controller box.

Making careful adjustments and testing are vital steps. Finally, reconnect the battery. This action completes removing the speed limiter on your EZGO golf cart.

Impact on Battery Life and Performance

The decision to remove the speed limiter on your EZGO golf cart greatly affects battery life. By unlocking higher speeds, it uses more energy. This leads to quicker battery drain. Hence, your cart won’t go as far on each charge.

Torque and Acceleration Effects

If you take off the speed limiter, the torque and acceleration might change too. Torque is crucial for climbing hills and starting, but it lessens if you go faster. This change could make your cart struggle with hills or a heavy load.

Yet, tweaking the cart can improve both speed and torque. But this depends on your cart’s model and what you change.

impact of EZGO golf cart speed limiter removal

Speed Controller Adjustments

Adjusting the speed of your electric golf cart might seem tricky at first. But, with the proper steps, you can boost your cart’s performance safely. Regardless of your cart brand, whether it’s Club Car, E-Z-GO, or Yamaha, there are ways to tweak the speed. This will make your cart run faster.

Club Car Models

For Club Car golf cart owners, the speed controller hides beneath the seat. To increase your cart’s pace, switch from “Tow” to “Run”. Bring out a special wrench to twist the screw clockwise. This will make your Club Car go faster. Just remember, be very careful to avoid damaging your cart.

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E-Z-GO Models

Changing the speed on E-Z-GO electric golf cart models often involves upgrading the speed controller. After this step, a handy programmer helps customize the speed. If this sounds complicated, getting help from a pro is a good idea. They can ensure everything is done properly.

Yamaha Models

Yamaha electric golf cart models have controllers that are harder to tweak. Boosting your Yamaha’s pace needs an electronic speed upgrade kit. This kit lets you change settings with a smartphone. It’s a bit more complex, but it’s doable with the right approach.

adjusting speed controller on golf carts

Legality and Regulations

The rules on removing your EZGO electric golf cart’s speed limiter can change depending on where you are. Places might set their speed restrictions for golf carts. So, it’s smart to check your local laws before making any changes. Going over the legal speed limits might get you fined or in legal trouble.

Vehicle Classification and Requirements

If your golf cart goes faster than 19 mph, it’s seen as a motor vehicle. This could mean you need more safety gear like seatbelts and checks. Always look into the legal requirements and classifications in your area before upping your golf cart’s speed. This step can help you follow the law and stay out of trouble.

legal requirements for modified golf carts

Potential Risks and Considerations

Removing your EZGO golf cart’s speed limiter might affect your warranty. Manufacturers add speed limiters for safety and better performance. Changing this may void your warranty. Always check the warranty implications of EZGO golf cart speed limiter removal before you modify it. This helps you keep your warranty.

Warranty Implications

Removing the limiter changes how your EZGO golf cart works. The company might not honor the warranty if they see it as a change. Make sure to read your warranty carefully. This helps you know the risks of altering your golf cart.

Increased Maintenance Needs

Bypassing the speed limiter might need more upkeep for your EZGO golf cart. Higher speeds can wear down parts faster. You might need to change parts like batteries more often. Keep up with impact on EZGO golf cart maintenance from speed limiter removal to make sure it runs well.

warranty implications of EZGO golf cart speed limiter removal

Alternative Speed Enhancement Methods

If you want to make your EZGO golf cart faster without removing the limiter, consider other options. You can find kits made for your cart that can increase its speed and power. These kits come with special motors, controllers, and parts to elevate your cart’s performance while staying safe and keeping your warranty valid.

Aftermarket Speed Upgrades

Upfitting your EZGO golf cart with aftermarket kits can enhance speed safely. These kits include upgraded motors, advanced controllers, and special gearing. Together, they can increase your cart’s speed and acceleration. This way, you get to experience higher speeds without losing safety or your cart’s warranty.

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Motor Replacements

Replacing your golf cart’s motor with a stronger one is another way to boost speed. A new motor can increase both speed and power, making it easier to move uphill or carry heavy loads. However, this option is more complex and can be pricier. Always make sure the new motor fits your cart and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent issues.

aftermarket speed upgrades for EZGO golf carts


Unlocking your EZGO golf cart can make rides more exciting. But, you must think about a few things first. Before you do, remember that going faster means more risks.

It’s vital to balance fun with being safe and legal. Always think of your well-being and those around you. Summarizing all the points in the guide will help you decide wisely.

Think hard before removing the speed limiter. It’s a choice that needs careful thought. Make sure to choose what’s best for safety and following the rules. This way, you can still have fun and be responsible.


Q: What are the primary reasons for having speed limiters on electric golf carts?

A: There are several key reasons for adding speed limiters to electric golf carts. First, they make these carts safer. Without safety features like regular cars, going too fast can harm people or damage other vehicles. High speeds use up the battery quickly, which reduces how far the cart can go. Plus, many areas have rules saying how fast these carts can go.

Q: What safety considerations should I keep in mind when removing the speed limiter on my EZGO golf cart?

A: When you take off the speed limiter, you might increase the risk of getting into a serious accident. Since golf carts aren’t as safe as cars, you need to think about the dangers. Going faster than you should can lead to fines, needing a driver’s license, or other legal trouble.

Q: What tools and equipment do I need to remove the speed limiter on my EZGO golf cart?

A: To remove the limiter, you’ll need some tools. Get safety goggles to protect your eyes, a wrench and screwdriver for the job, wire cutters, and a voltmeter. With these tools, you can safely handle the battery, reach the speed limiter, and adjust it correctly.

Q: What safety precautions should I take when removing the speed limiter on my EZGO golf cart?

A: Start by putting on your safety goggles. It’s also very important to disconnect the battery to avoid any shock. Carefully take the speed limiter off to prevent harm to the cart. Remember to label the wires you remove to help when it’s time to put everything back together.

Q: How does removing the speed limiter on my EZGO golf cart affect the battery life and performance?

A: Taking off the limiter can really drain your cart’s battery. This happens because you use more energy when you go faster. So, you won’t be able to go as far on one charge. Speed also affects how well your cart can climb hills or carry heavy things.

Q: How can I adjust the speed controller on different models of electric golf carts?

A: Changing the speed on different carts varies. For Club Car models, adjust the setting beneath the seat and turn the screw to make it faster. E-Z-GO models might need a new speed controller. With Yamaha, you need an upgrade kit to change the speed settings.

Q: What are the legal considerations when removing the speed limiter on my EZGO golf cart?

A: The rules on removing the speed limiter depend on where you live. Some places say how fast your golf cart can go. If you go over this speed, you might get a ticket, need a license, or face other legal problems. It’s important to check the local laws before making any changes.

Q: How might removing the speed limiter on my EZGO golf cart impact the warranty?

A: Taking off the limiter could affect your warranty. Most companies put these limiters for safety and performance. If you change it, you might lose the warranty. Always check your warranty first.

Q: Are there alternative methods to increase the speed of my EZGO golf cart without removing the speed limiter?

A: There are other ways to make your EZGO cart go faster without breaking the warranty. You can use a speed kit made for your cart or change the motor to a stronger one. Both options can boost your cart’s performance safely.

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