Regripping Golf Clubs Guide

Regripping Golf Clubs Guide

Regripping your golf clubs at home can save you money and make you feel proud. The author teamed up with their friend Nick Banks, a PGA professional, for help. Nick guided them every step of the way.

Keeping your grips fresh is key. Usually, you should change them every 18 months if you play often in cold weather. If you play all year, do it every year. In this guide, you’ll learn what you need and how to do it yourself. It’s all about making your clubs feel like new.

Key Takeaways

  • Regripping golf clubs at home can save you money and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  • Replacing grips every 18 months (1-2 times/week in cold weather) or annually (year-round play) is recommended.
  • The guide will provide a complete overview of the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions.
  • Enlisting the help of a PGA professional can be beneficial for those with limited DIY experience.
  • Proper regripping can improve grip and performance, as well as prevent slipping during your swing.

Why Regrip Your Golf Clubs?

Keeping your golf club grips in top shape is key for better performance and consistency. Changing your grips has many benefits. It can boost how well your game goes overall.

Improved Grip and Performance

As time goes on, your club grips may wear out and get slick. This makes it hard to keep your hands in place during your swing. Getting new grips puts a fresh hold on your clubs. This new grip right away enhances your control and power. It also helps make your shots more consistent and accurate.

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Prevent Slipping During Swing

Old or slippery grips can make your hands slide when you swing. This leads to shots that go all over the place. By changing your grips, you stop this slipping. You’ll be able to swing with more confidence and accuracy. This can really improve how well your clubs perform.

Tools and Supplies Needed

To regrip your golf clubs at home, you’ll need specific tools and supplies. You can find everything you need on Amazon. This list makes it easy to get started.

Hook Blade

A hook blade is the first key item. It helps remove old grips from clubs without harm. This is important, especially for graphite clubs.

Utility Knife

After that, grab a utility knife. It’s for taking off old tape. This prepares the clubs for new tape and grips.

Regripping Kit

A regripping kit is essential. It has grip solvent, tape, and a clamp to secure clubs. It’s a handy all-in-one bundle.

New Grips

Don’t forget the new grips. Choose grips that fit and are not very hard, like Wynn Grips. Get a few extras for any mistakes during the job.

Golf club regripping tools

Removing Old Grips

The first step in changing your golf clubs grips is taking off the old ones. You should use a hook blade for this. A hook blade is better than a regular knife because it’s less likely to scratch the shafts, especially graphite ones. To get off the grips, slide the hook under the grip. Pull it down smoothly with the blade till it cuts the entire length. After the first cut, getting the grip off is easy.

Mind yourself when using the hook blade. Always cut away from your body to stay safe. This part needs some care, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Removing Old Tape

The first part of regripping golf clubs is taking off the old tape. This step can take some time but it’s very important. You need a utility knife and a little patience to do this right.

Using Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

First, use the utility knife to cut through the old tape. Be careful and start at the bottom, scoring up the shaft. It’s great for steel shafts, but don’t damage your graphite golf club shafts.

If you have a heat gun or hair dryer, use it to warm the old tape. This makes it easier to peel off. The heat loosens the adhesive, making the job easier.

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Regripping Golf Clubs

After removing the tape, it’s time to add new tape. This is a vital step before putting on new golf club grips. Doing this well ensures the new grips go on tightly. This is key for improving grip and performance while playing.

Applying New Tape

So you’ve got the old grips off, great job! Now, let’s get the new tape ready. Start by wrapping fresh tape around the end of the golf club shaft. This tape makes sure the new grip sticks well.

Measuring Grip Length

Getting the tape length right is key. It shouldn’t cover more than the actual grip‘s end. To measure, put the new golf grip next to the shaft. Then, mark where you want the tape to stop with your thumb.

You should only tape the bottom 3/4 to 1/2 inch of the grip. Having a small untaped area at the very end can help. Make sure to apply the tape straight and smoothly.

Measuring Grip Length

Regripping Golf Clubs Guide

The most crucial part of regripping clubs is putting on the new grips. You can do this with a vise or not.

Applying Grip Solvent

First, put a lot of grip solvent inside the new grips. Using plenty is essential to get a tight fit.

With a Vise

Working with a vise makes things simpler. Insert the rubber part from your kit into the vise and secure it. This prevents the club from slipping so you can smoothly slide the grip on.

Without a Vise

Without a vise, you must be extra careful. Hold the club firmly by placing it between your feet. Avoid bending the club too hard. Then, slowly move the grip down the club, ensuring your body weight keeps the club steady.

Regripping golf clubs

Finalizing the Grip

Once your grip is tight, do final tweaks for a flawless end. Small changes matter a lot for the final look.

Aligning Logo

Many golfers want the grip’s logo perfectly straight. Use your hands to adjust the grip before the glue dries. Make sure the logo is just right after.

Securing Grip End

Tap the grip’s end on the floor to make sure it’s tight. This removes any space between the shaft and grip. Press the top of the grip down to lock it in place better.

Regripping Golf Clubs

Cleaning and Letting Grips Set

Your regripping golf clubs project is almost done. Use a soft towel to remove any extra grip compound. This step is key to make your golf clubs look neat and new.

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It’s time to let the new grips dry and set. It could take 2 to 4 hours for the glue to fully bond. Remember, good things come to those who wait. This waiting will make sure your grips work really well and your golf clubs are easy to control.

After the grips have dried, your regripping golf clubs task is all set. Now, you’re ready to hit the range or course. Enjoy using your clubs with their new, top-notch golf club grips. Happy golfing!

Regripping Golf Clubs

Cost Savings of DIY Regripping

Thinking about regripping golf clubs? Doing it yourself could save you a lot. It might take 1 to 2 hours to regrip all your clubs. If you pay someone, you might spend an extra $2-$4 per grip for their work. By doing it yourself, you could save anywhere from $30 to $60 on a full set of clubs.

But, be careful. Mistakes can be costly. If you ruin 1 or 2 grips, you could lose most of your savings. So, follow the steps for regripping golf clubs closely. Take your time, and you’ll likely enjoy the DIY golf club regripping process.

Regripping golf clubs


Regripping your golf clubs at home is a great project. It improves your game and saves money. The steps to do it include removing old grips, applying new tape, and installing fresh grips. This detailed Regripping Golf Clubs Guide will help you succeed.

It lets you experience a win as a golfer. You can also choose the grips that fit you best. Doing it yourself saves you money, about $30-$60 per set of clubs. But, be careful because mistakes might nullify those savings. Make sure to follow the steps closely and don’t rush.

Regripping at home is both rewarding and cost-effective. With the right golf club regripping tools and our guide’s steps for regripping golf clubs, you’re set. This project can make your clubs feel new without spending too much. Be patient and learn the proper technique. Soon, you’ll master DIY golf club regripping and see a positive change in your game.


Q: How often should I regrip my golf clubs?

A: If you use your clubs 1-2 times weekly in cold weather, change grips every 18 months. For year-round play, switch them once a year.

Q: What tools and supplies do I need to regrip my golf clubs?

A: For regripping, you’ll need a hook blade, utility knife, a regripping kit, and new grips.

Q: How do I remove the old grips from my golf clubs?

A: To take off old grips, cut with a hook blade. Always cut away from yourself.

Q: How do I remove the old tape from the golf club shafts?

A: To remove tape, use a utility knife to cut and pull. Heating the tape with a heat gun or hair dryer helps too.

Q: How do I apply the new tape and grips to my golf clubs?

A: Start by taping the shafts, leaving space at the bottom. Use grip solvent inside the new grip. Install the grip, either using a vise or by hand.

Q: How do I properly align and secure the new grips?

A: Adjust the grip logo and tap the club’s end on the floor. This helps secure the grip properly.

Q: How much money can I save by regripping my golf clubs at home?

A: By doing it yourself, you could save -. Just be cautious not to mess up and lose those savings.

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