Pebble Beach Golf Links Pricing Guide

Pebble Beach Golf Links Pricing Guide

Wondering about Pebble Beach green fees and prices to play at this legendary course? Pebble Beach Golf Links is renowned, ranked 11 in the Top 100 U.S. Courses. It’s a spot many wish to play at because it hosts big events like the PGA Tours and U.S. Open. Green fees start at $595 early 2023 but go up to $625 after April 1st.

If you stay at resorts such as The Lodge or Inn at Spanish Bay, you get better prices. Costs for a night’s stay range from $920 to $1,225. This lets you dive fully into the Pebble Beach experience. But, remember, the total bill for accommodation plus golf can be more than $2,465. If you’re not staying at a resort, booking a round costs $675 and you can only do it 24 hours before, cart included.

Key Takeaways

  • Green fees start at $595, increasing to $625 after April 1, 2023.
  • Resort guests enjoy early booking privileges and rates.
  • Total costs, including a two-night stay, can surpass $2,465.
  • Non-resort guests face a $675 green fee, bookable 24 hours in advance.
  • Accommodations range from $920 to $1,225 per night at Pebble Beach resorts.

Introduction to Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach Golf Links is an amazing place for golf lovers. It sits on California’s beautiful coast. Many big tournaments, like the U.S. Open, have happened here. It’s known as the best public course in the U.S.

If you want to play Pebble Beach Golf Links, you must know about the costs. Great golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Jordan Spieth have played here. It’s a chance to walk where legends have.

Getting Pebble Beach tee times can be hard, but it’s worth it. The ocean views and rich history make every game special. Playing here is like an incredible journey in both sport and beauty.

This guide will help you understand what it costs to play at Pebble Beach. It aims to make your experience here the best it can be. No matter how much golf you’ve played, Pebble Beach Golf Links offers tradition and top-quality golf.

Current Green Fees for Pebble Beach Golf Links

Knowing the cost of playing at *Pebble Beach* is key for anyone wanting to tee off there. The prices differ for resort and non-resort guests. We’ll guide you through these costs so you can plan your game wisely.

Standard Green Fees

Starting early 2023, *Pebble Beach green fees* are $595. This goes up to $625 after April 1st. Non-resort guests must secure their bookings within 24 hours. After April, their rate, $675, covers a $50 cart fee.

Green Fees for Resort Guests

Guests at Pebble Beach Resorts like The Lodge have it a bit easier. They pay the regular rate but can book ahead up to 18 months. Yet, a two-night stay is a must, which becomes three nights during busy times.

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Pebble Beach green fees

Tee Time Reservations at Pebble Beach

If you want to play at Pebble Beach, it’s key to know how to book a tee time. There are rules and benefits for both resort and non-resort guests. Each group has different ways to book.

Advance Booking for Resort Guests

People staying at The Lodge, Inn at Spanish Bay, or Casa Palermo get a big step ahead. They can reserve their tee times up to 18 months before. This is great for times when many want to play. But, to use this, they must stay for at least two nights, or three during busy times.

Booking Procedures for Non-Resort Guests

Guess staying elsewhere must wait until just the day before to book a tee time. This might seem tough for planning, yet it also means chances for last-minute play. It’s a way for more people to get to play this famous course.

It’s good for all guests to know these details. They’ll make your golf time smoother.

Additional Costs for Playing at Pebble Beach

Many golfers dream of playing at Pebble Beach. It’s good to know about the extra costs. This will help you plan your visit well.

Pebble Beach green fees

Cart Fees

Resort guests at Pebble Beach can rent a pull-cart for $15. Non-resort guests must pay a $50 cart fee. It adds comfort as you play on the beautiful course.

Caddie Fees

A caddie can make your Pebble Beach golf day special. A caddie for one bag costs $150 to $155. For two bags, it’s $200 to $210. Remember to tip them too.

Forecaddie Fees

Forecaddie services are for groups. They cost $50 to $52.50 per person with a three-player minimum. Tip is not included in the price.

Here’s a table summary of the extra Pebble Beach costs:

Service Cost Comments
Cart Fee (Non-Resort Guests) $50 Mandatory fee
Pull-Cart Rental (Resort Guests) $15 Optional
Caddie (Single Bag) $150-$155 Excludes gratuity
Caddie (Double Bag) $200-$210 Excludes gratuity
Forecaddie $50-$52.50 per person Three-player minimum, excludes gratuity

Knowing about these costs will help you plan well. You’ll enjoy Pebble Beach golf more without any surprises.

Pebble Beach Golf Packages

Pebble Beach golf packages mix great golf, cozy stays, and special treats. They fit every golfer’s wish, giving a perfect experience.

Pebble Beach golf packages

These deals let you combine golf with top stays at places like The Lodge at Pebble Beach. It saves money and makes your trip easy. Every package makes golfing fun and staying nice.

These packages are cool because you can pick just what you want. You can get packages with many golf rounds at different courses. Or choose others with lots of play at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Plus, the deals offer great prices for the courses. Picking a package can mean saving money on your golf rounds. So, you get to play at amazing spots for less.

They’re made for golfers wanting a full Pebble Beach experience. Whether alone or with friends, there’s a perfect package waiting. It promises a golf trip you’ll always remember.

Package Inclusions
Stay & Play Package Accommodation + 1 round of golf per day
Extended Stay Golf Package Accommodation + 2 rounds of golf per day
Ultimate Pebble Beach Experience Luxury accommodation + Unlimited golf + Additional amenities

If you’re planning a weekend or a longer visit, these packages are great for fun and chill times. Make sure to look at all the packages. Then, pick the one that matches what you want and when you can go.

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Accommodation Options at Pebble Beach

When you plan your stay at Pebble Beach, the right place to stay is key for a luxurious golf trip. Each place to stay comes with special perks and the chance to play golf at Pebble Beach. Let’s explore the best places to stay at Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach accommodations

The Lodge at Pebble Beach

The Lodge at Pebble Beach is famous for its style and great service. Rooms start at $1,045 a night. You get to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the famous 18th fairway from your room. Staying here means you get top-notch services and a chance to play golf every day.

The Inn at Spanish Bay

At $920 a night, The Inn at Spanish Bay is a mix of cozy and classy. You can pick from several places to eat and enjoy a private beach. Plus, your room might overlook the ocean or a lush forest. Picking this inn means you enjoy Pebble Beach with luxury and get to play golf early.

Casa Palermo

Casa Palermo is the height of luxury, with a starting rate of $1,225 a night. It’s really close to the golf course, offering a private and lux retreat for fans of comfort. Staying here, you find more peace and get early tee times at Pebble Beach, for a truly lavish and convenient stay.

These are the top choices for a special Pebble Beach experience. They offer unique perks making your stay and golf play better.

Pebble Beach Pro Shop Pricing

The Pebble Beach Pro Shop is full of top-notch golf gear for serious players and fans. It’s known for its exclusive items. The prices show the specialness of what they offer.

Pebble Beach Pro Shop Pricing

You can take home cool Pebble Beach gear, from stylish clothes to clubs and accessories. Everything has the Pebble Beach logo. Look for top brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

Wondering about the prices? Here’s an idea of what things cost:

Item Type Price Range
Golf Shirts $80 – $120
Golf Hats $30 – $50
Outerwear $150 – $300
Golf Clubs $300 – $800
Accessories $20 – $100

There’s more than just clothes and gear. The shop has special items and home decorations too. It’s the perfect place to find a keepsake from your visit. You might be shopping for yourself or looking for a gift. Either way, you’ll find items that capture the grace and history of Pebble Beach.

Next time you’re at the Pebble Beach Pro Shop, have a look. You might find some high-quality Pebble Beach merchandise that will always remind you of your trip to this famous course.

Booking Information for Pebble Beach

Understanding the Pebble Beach booking process is key for a smooth experience. Guests staying at the resort can make reservations up to 18 months ahead. This way, they have plenty of time to plan their trip. A minimum stay is required at the resort properties.

Non-resort guests can book Pebble Beach tee times, but with some restrictions. They can only book within 24 hours of their intended play. This short notice allows flexible golfers a chance to play without long-term plans. Although options are more limited, it offers a chance for spontaneous bookings.

You can find all Pebble Beach booking details, including availability and rules, on the Pebble Beach website. Or, you can reach out to their reservations team. This ensures you get accurate and current information for your reservations, making your experience better.

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We’ve put together an easy guide to help you plan and understand your booking options:

Guest Type Booking Window Minimum Stay Requirement
Resort Guests Up to 18 months in advance 2-night minimum stay, may extend to 3 nights in peak season
Non-Resort Guests 24-hour window None

This guide makes booking at Pebble Beach easy, whether you’re planning ahead or looking for a quick tee time. It lets you fully enjoy playing golf at Pebble Beach.

Other Courses to Consider at Pebble Beach

Planning to visit Pebble Beach Golf Links? You should check out its other courses. Besides the iconic Pebble Beach course, there’s also Spyglass Hill. Plus, you can play at The Links at Spanish Bay and Del Monte Golf Course. They all have different challenges and offer beautiful views.

Spyglass Hill is known for its tough layout and great views. It costs $395 to play, but in busy times, it goes up to $415. If you prefer varied land and coastal views, try The Links at Spanish Bay. Its fees range from $290 to $295 for a challenging links-style round.

For a more budget-friendly game, choose Del Monte Golf Course. It’s a great pick for affordable yet prestigious golf. Del Monte’s normal rate is $110. But, you can play a twilight round for just $45. This lets you enjoy top golf without spending a lot.

Course Standard Fee Increased Fee Twilight Fee
Spyglass Hill $395 $415 N/A
The Links at Spanish Bay $290 $295 N/A
Del Monte Golf Course $110 N/A $45

You can choose the best golfing option based on what you like and your budget. Checking out the other courses at Pebble Beach lets you mix up your play. It also helps you learn more about the area’s rich golf history. So, for your next golf trip, look into all Pebble Beach has to offer. Then, match the course rates to what you’re looking for in a great game.

Special Deals and Promotions

Visiting Pebble Beach is more memorable when you use their special deals and promotions. They have seasonal deals and loyalty programs to give you great value. This helps make your visit even better.

Seasonal Offers

At Pebble Beach, seasonal offers are always changing. They give golfers chances to play on the top course for less. You can find lower green fees, golf bundles, and deals on where to stay. This makes your golf days cheaper and more fun.

Loyalty Programs

Pebble Beach has special programs for visitors who come a lot. You might get free rounds, special times to book, and discounts on places to stay and things to buy. Joining these programs means you can keep coming back to enjoy everything Pebble Beach offers.


Choosing to play at Pebble Beach Golf Links is more than a round of golf. It shows your love for the game. This Pebble Beach Golf Links Pricing Guide explains costs well. It’s known worldwide as a top public course. Services like well-kept greens and top caddies make your visit amazing.

Pebble Beach caters to all kinds of golfers. If you plan months ahead or decide last minute, it works for you. Guests staying at the resort get early reservations and fancy rooms. Others will love playing there too but with fewer booking options. The course is rich with history and has stunning views. So, the high prices are worth it for many.

The whole Pebble Beach experience is designed for you to have an unforgettable time. You can enjoy not just great golf but also luxurious stays. It’s more than a game; it’s about living the sport’s great history.

In short, playing at Pebble Beach Golf Links is a unique experience. Even with higher prices, it’s a dream come true for golf fans. Every penny is for a special journey that shows the course’s prestige and charm.

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