Lifting a Golf Cart Guide

Lifting a Golf Cart Guide

Golf Carts are more than transport across golf courses. They are seen as a stylish vehicle for comfort. A Golf Cart lift kits increase the cart’s height by 3″ to 8″. This means you can go over rough patches easily. It also supports the cart’s body when going over different types of terrain.

By adding a lift kit, you can put on bigger tires for a smoother ride. This makes your cart perfect for getting around. Adding a Lift kits can do more than raise your cart. It can improve its speed and looks. It helps your cart handle various grounds or just makes it stand out.

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Key Takeaways

  • Golf cart lift kits can increase the height of your cart by 3″ to 8″ for improved ground clearance and traversal of rough terrain.
  • Lift kits allow you to install larger tires for a smoother, safer ride.
  • Lift kits can enhance the performance, capabilities, and personalized look of your golf cart.
  • Many people are unaware that lift kits can be installed on golf carts to meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Proper research and selection of the right lift kit is crucial for a successful and safe installation.

Understanding Golf Cart Lift Kits

A golf cart lift kit is a specially made set of parts. You add these to your cart to increase its height. With lift kits, you can raise your cart by 3″ to 8″ taller. This golf cart lift kits make it easier to drive over rough ground. They also give your cart a wider, steadier stance. Plus, you can use bigger tires and different wheels.

What is a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

A golf cart lift kit raises your cart’s height. It lets you make your cart look and work the way you want. These kits change or add to your cart’s suspension and frame. They give it more height, depending on your choice.

Benefits of Installing a Lift Kit

Using a golf cart lift kit offers many good points. Here are the main gains:

  • More space between the ground and your cart for rough paths.
  • Better control and handling with a broader, stable stance.
  • Room for bigger, tougher tires and wheels.
  • Looks and works better off the road with a tough style.
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Types of Golf Cart Lift Kits

Different types of golf cart lift kits exist for various needs. Here are a few:

  1. Spindle Lift Kits – These make your cart’s stance wider and more stable by changing the spindles.
  2. A-Arm Lift Kits – They fully swap the front suspension for a smoother ride.
  3. Drop Axle Lift Kits – They use a “drop-axle” to lift the whole cart up.
  4. Block Lift Kits – These add blocks under the cart for a fast lift in height.
  5. Long Travel Lift Kits – They have their own front and back suspension for bumpy grounds.

When picking a golf cart lift kit, think about how high you want it. Also, consider the roads you’ll be on and the comfort you desire.

Preparing for the Lift Kit Installation

Before you get a lift kit for your golf cart, do your homework. Make sure it’s right for your cart. The size you choose depends on the tires you plan to use, going from 3 to 8 inches. Think about where you’ll drive and how you want your ride to be when picking a lift kit.

Choosing the Right Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart

Picking the perfect golf cart lift kit means thinking about a few key things. The lift kit’s height limits how big your cart’s tires can be. Your favorite type of ground and how you like your rides should also influence your decision.

Necessary Tools and Supplies

For the golf cart lift kit to be put in right, you need the right tools. A high-quality jack, a socket set, wrenches, pliers, and some grease are often a must. Insalling might need taking off tires, tie rods, factory spindles, and more. So, it’s key to have all the necessary tools and supplies ready for an easy and safe install.

tools and supplies for golf cart lift kit installation

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing a lift kit on your golf cart properly is key. It makes sure you get a safe and successful upgrade. If you’re adding a front or rear lift, the steps you take are pretty much the same.

Front Lift Installation Process

First, you need to safely raise the front of your golf cart using a jack. This is how you get the front wheels off the ground. Then, take off the front wheels and tie rods. After that, remove the old spindles and put the new ones in. Be sure to replace any other parts the instructions mention.

Rear Lift Installation Process

Doing the rear lift is much like the front. Use a jack to lift the back of the cart. Take the back wheels off. Now, follow the manufacturer’s advice to add the rear lift parts properly. Remember to stay safe, use the right tools, and check everything to be tight and aligned.

Taking your time and following the step-by-step instructions is crucial for a good lift kit upgrade on your golf cart.

Lifting a Golf Cart Guide

Lifting a golf cart has several upsides. This includes more space below, room for bigger tires, and a better off-road ride. Following the right steps and safety rules is crucial when trying to how to lift a golf cart. Learn how to do front and rear lifts with the help of this guide. It also tells you what tools and gear you’ll need. Choosing the correct kit and paying attention to the directions ensures your cart will lift just as you want.

golf cart lifting guide

Wheel and Tire Compatibility

When you lift your golf cart, think about the wheel and tire sizes to use. The lift kit’s height will set the limit for tire size. It’s key to pick the right wheels and tires to make your golf cart work well and stay safe.

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Recommended Tire Sizes for Different Lift Heights

The tire sizes you can use change with the lift kit’s height, as a rule:

  • For 3-inch lift kits, use tires up to 20 inches.
  • For 4-inch lift kits, tires can be up to 20.5 inches.
  • If you go with a 6-inch lift kit, choose tires up to 23 inches.
  • With an 8-inch lift kit, you can fit tires up to 25 inches.

But, remember, these are just starting points. Your cart’s model and the lift kit might change what tire sizes you can use. Look at what the manufacturer says or ask an expert to get the right wheels and tires.

Wheel Offset and Backspacing Considerations

Don’t forget about wheel offset and backspacing when picking new wheels for your lifted golf cart. Wheel offset is the distance from the wheel’s center to its mounting point. Backspacing is the distance from the back of the wheel to the mounting point. Getting these right is important. It helps prevent the wheels from rubbing or causing other issues with your golf cart.

Think about wheel and tire choices carefully. Doing this can really improve how well your lifted golf cart drives, its safety, and how it looks.

golf cart wheel and tire compatibility

Safety Precautions and Maintenance

When you’re lifting a golf cart, following proper safety precautions is key. This helps you avoid getting hurt or damaging the cart. Always use a good jack and put it in the right spot. Besides, wear gear like gloves and eye protection. Once the lift kit is installed, check and adjust it well. You want everything to be in place and working right.

Proper Lifting Techniques

For a safe lift, use a strong jack at the front or back of the golf cart. Pick the right side based on your task. It’s vital to place the jack on firm, even ground. Also, secure the cart with wheel chocks. Plus, always have on protective gloves and eyewear.

Post-Installation Checks and Adjustments

After you add the golf cart lift kit, do several checks to make sure it’s safe and works well. Look at the wheels and suspension gear. Then, make sure all the bolts are as tight as they should be. This care now avoids trouble later on.

Regular Maintenance for Lifted Golf Carts

For a long, safe life, take care of your lifted golf cart. Regularly check the lift components and look for any wear and tear. Handle any problems quickly. Keep the tires filled right and watch out for issues with the suspension and performance. This way, your lifted cart will last a long time and stay fun to drive.

safety when lifting a golf cart

Customization Options

Have you added a golf cart lift kit to your ride? Now, you can change it in many ways. You can upgrade parts like the suspension or make it look cooler. This lets you make your lifted golf cart match your style and how you use it.

Upgrading Suspension Components

Updating your lifted golf cart’s suspension improves how it feels to drive. This is key when you go over bumpy ground. Changing parts like shocks and springs helps the cart handle better. It rides smoother, especially on tough off-road trips.

Aesthetic Modifications for a Personalized Look

Want your lifted golf cart to stand out? Consider aesthetic upgrades. You can choose from new wheels, body additions, or unique designs. Picking these enhancements carefully lets you show off what makes you, you. It’s a fun way to make your cart a true reflection of you for all your outdoor fun.

golf cart lift kit customization options

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When you lift your golf cart, keep an eye out for several common mistakes. By avoiding these, you’ll make sure your lifting journey is both safe and successful. The first big issue is

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Improper Lift Kit Selection

. If you pick the wrong lift kit for your golf cart, it could be dangerous. Make sure to choose a lift kit that fits your cart properly. This means it should be the right model and give you the height increase you need.

Ignoring Safety Guidelines

Not following safety rules is a big mistake. It puts you and others in danger. When fitting the lift kit, use the right tools and safety gear. Stick to what the manual says to keep things safe.


Neglecting Maintenance Requirements

Failing to maintain your lifted golf cart properly is risky. Check the parts often to spot any problems early. This prevents bigger issues and keeps your cart safe. Don’t skip on maintenance, or you may face safety and performance troubles.

Remember these key points to have a great and safe experience with your lifted golf cart. Do your homework, pick the right kit, and focus on safety and upkeep. This way, you can fully enjoy your lifted ride without worries.

common mistakes when lifting a golf cart

Where to Find Professional Assistance

If you’re not comfy with installing a DIY golf cart lift kit, don’t worry. Help is out there. You can find professional assistance in various places.

Local golf cart repair shops and specialty stores are great options. They have the right skills and gear for installing lift kits properly. This means your job will be done safely and without errors.

Local Golf Cart Repair Shops

Just call your local golf cart repair shops to ask about their services for lift kit installations. They’ve got the tools and knowledgeable experts. They’ll make sure the job is done right and with care.

Online Resources and Communities

You can also find a ton of online resources and communities for golf cart fans. These are places where experienced owners and mechanics share tips and advice. If you need help with anything lift kit related, they’re a goldmine of information.

online resources for golf cart lift kits


In conclusion, adding a lift kit to your golf cart offers many perks. It gives you better clearance. You can use bigger tires. This improves your off-road trips. Know the types of lift kits. Pick the best one for you. Then, install it correctly and safely. This lets you customize your golf cart just how you like.

Also, think about what wheels and tires will work with your lift. Keep up with regular maintenance too. This ensures your cart is always safe and works well. With the right care, a lifted golf cart will make your outdoor fun even better.


Q: What is a golf cart lift kit?

A: A golf cart lift kit increases the height of your golf cart. This enhancement offers 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, or 8″ of extra height.

Q: What are the benefits of installing a lift kit on a golf cart?

A: Lift kits boost your cart’s ground clearance, making it easier to drive over rough areas. They also allow for a more stable ride and the use of bigger tires.

Q: What are the different types of golf cart lift kits?

A: There are several types of lift kits. These include Spindle, A-Arm, Drop Axle, Block, and Long Travel Lift Kits. Each type has unique features to consider.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a golf cart lift kit?

A: When picking a lift kit, think about your cart’s model, desired additional height, tire size, and where you’ll be driving. These factors are essential for the right choice.

Q: What tools and supplies are needed to install a golf cart lift kit?

A: You’ll need a quality jack, socket set, wrenches, pliers, and lubricant for the job. These tools are key to correctly fitting the lift kit components.

Q: How do I install a front lift kit on a golf cart?

A: Start by safely lifting the front of your cart. Then, take off the wheels and tie rods. Next, add the new lift kit spindles and any other parts needed.

Q: How do I install a rear lift kit on a golf cart?

A: The process for a rear lift kit is much the same. Raise the back of the cart and remove the rear wheels. Follow the manufacturer’s guide to install the lift components.

Q: What are the recommended tire sizes for different lift kit heights?

A: For a 3-inch lift, use up to 20-inch tires. Similarly, for 4-inch lifts, 20.5-inch tires work. 6-inch lifts can have up to 23-inch tires, while 8-inch lifts allow up to 25-inch tires.

Q: What safety precautions should I take when lifting a golf cart?

A: Use a high-quality jack, wear the right gear, and check everything after installing the lift kit. This step ensures your cart is safe and works well.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when lifting a golf cart?

A: Don’t pick the wrong lift kit, skip safety steps, or forget about maintenance. Avoiding these mistakes will lead to a better experience with your lifted cart.

Q: Where can I find professional assistance for golf cart lift kit installation?

A: Look for help at local repair shops, specialty stores, or join online golf cart communities. These places have people with the know-how to guide you through lift kit installations.

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