How to Stop Pulling the Golf Ball Guide

How to Stop Pulling the Golf Ball Guide

Pulling golf shots can really mess with your game. These shots start to the left of the target and keep going that way. This guide focuses on ways to stop this from happening. It’s often caused by a closed clubface or a swing path that goes to the inside.

First, you need to know about the “New Ball Flight Laws.” They show how important the clubface and swing path are. This knowledge will help you fix your shots. You’ll also learn about grip, ball position, and alignment. These are key for better shots and a more consistent game.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify pull shot causes: clubface, swing path, and setup.
  • Employ proper grip techniques to avoid a closed clubface.
  • Ensure correct ball position and body alignment for accuracy.
  • Understand and apply the “New Ball Flight Laws.”
  • Practice drills designed to correct the pulled shot.

What is a Pulled Shot in Golf?

A pulled golf shot goes left of the target in a straight line. It doesn’t turn back, so it’s about where the ball goes, not its curve. Most often, this happens for right-handed players. The ball shoots left without any twist.

This happens when the clubface is more shut than the target when it hits the ball. Before, folks focused on how the swing path affects the direction. But now, with Trackman technology, we know the clubface’s angle matters most for where the ball goes first.

Golfers who want to fix golf shot direction need to know this new info. We’re not stuck with old wrong ideas anymore. Now, getting the clubface right during the hit helps you aim your shot better.

Old lessons said the swing’s path sets the ball’s first flight and the face does the curve. But, new tech clears this up. It proves that the face’s angle at hit mostly decides where the ball goes first. After that, the swing helps it curve.

What Causes a Pulled Shot in Golf?

Pulled shots can really affect your score in golf. But, knowing why they happen helps you fix the problem. We’ll talk about the main reasons for a pulled shot here.

Closed Clubface at Impact

If the clubface is closed when you hit the ball, it can pull the shot. This might happen because your wrists are turning too early. Working on your wrist action can fix this.

Strong Grip

Having a grip that’s too strong can cause a pull. Adjusting your grip is key. If your hands are too twisted or your grip is too tight, it closes the clubface too soon. This leads to a pulled shot.

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Poor Ball Position

Where the ball is placed can also cause a pulled shot. If it’s too forward, the clubface might be closed when you hit. Making sure the ball is in the right spot can prevent this.

Poor Alignment

Being aimed left when you hit can pull the shot. Right alignment helps you aim correctly. This makes your shot go straighter.

clubface dynamics

Outside to Inside Path on Downswing

An outside-to-inside path often pulls the ball. This can be fixed by working on your swing. Try to swing more inside-to-outside for a straighter shot.

To avoid pulled shots, work on these things. Fix your clubface, adjust your grip, set up the ball right, aim correctly, and improve your swing path. This will make you a better golfer.

Focus on Pre-Swing Fundamentals

Knowing the key pre-swing basics can really help your game. It’s vital to have a strong golf pre-swing routine. This makes sure you pay attention to the important steps. Check your golf grip technique to make sure it’s not causing issues with your shots.

After that, think about your golf stance and posture. Stand with your knees a little bent and your weight even. Having the right posture helps you avoid hitting the ball wrong. It also helps to line up correctly. For those who are right-handed, aim your body a bit to the left of your target. This means your shoulders, hips, and feet should form a straight line toward that spot.

The pros always go back to these basics to keep their game sharp. Using a good golf pre-swing routine, checking your golf grip technique, and getting your golf stance and posture just right are key. Don’t forget about lining up your shot perfectly, too. This is what helps you make those accurate shots you dream of.

Pre-Shot Routine and Checklist

A good pre-shot routine makes your golf game better. It helps you focus and hit the ball more accurately. Here is a checklist to make your pre-shot routine strong:

  1. Evaluate Grip Pressure: Make sure your club grip is just right. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. This affects how you swing.
  2. Check Alignment: Stand so your body is in line with where you want the ball to go. This makes your shots more consistent.
  3. Visualize the Shot: Think about your shot in your mind. Imagine where the ball will go and land. It keeps your mind sharp for golf.
  4. Deep Breaths: Take a couple of deep breaths. It helps you relax and focus before you take your swing.

establish golf pre-shot routine

Follow these steps to get better at hitting the ball where you want. A good pre-shot routine helps build your confidence. It keeps you on track every time you play. So, having a well-thought-out pre-shot routine is key for great golf shots.

Drills to Stop Pulling Golf Shots

To stop pulling golf shots, use certain drills in your training. These drills fix issues in how you swing, like the wrong path, and teach you the right way.

corrective golf drills

One helpful drill is based on the technique of golfer Justin Rose. It aims to make your swing go from the inside to the outside. This is key to fix swing path mistakes and keep the clubface square when it hits the ball.

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The Justin Rose Drill Modified

Place an alignment stick next to the ball, going towards the target. Swing the club so it goes inside the stick on your backswing and inside again on your downswing. This helps make sure your swing is right and stops you from pulling shots.

The Two Ball Gate Drill

Set up a gate by placing two balls close together on the ground. Try to hit the ball without touching either. This drill makes you swing straight, which can fix pulling problems and make your shots more accurate over time.

Towel Under Arm Drill

Put a towel under your leading arm and grip it as you swing. It keeps your arms close and makes your swing more compact. Swinging this way often fixes arm movement issues and helps avoid pulling the ball.

Use these golf drills to improve your swing and stop pulling shots. Whether you like the Justin Rose method or prefer the Two Ball Gate and Towel Under Arm drills, practicing will help. It makes your shots more consistent and accurate by focusing on the right techniques.

Work on Wrist Angles

Keeping the right wrist position in golf is key to control. It impacts if the ball goes straight. Tools like the HackMotion wrist sensor give detailed feedback. This helps golfers fix their swings for better shots.

golf wrist position

Wrist sensor tech lets you watch your wrist angles closely. This means you can hit the ball straighter. It points out the wrist movements you need to adjust during your swing.

The perks of using this tech are:

  • Real-Time Feedback: It tells you right away how you’re doing, so you can get better as you play.
  • Data-Driven Improvements: It digs deep into your swing, showing what needs work, so you can make steady progress.
  • Consistency and Accuracy: Learning about your wrist positions helps you get a more uniform and precise swing.

To show how wrist sensors help, imagine this chart:

Aspect Without Sensor With Sensor
Feedback Delayed Real-Time
Accuracy Manual Correction Precise Data-Driven
Improvements Gradual Accelerated and Targeted
Consistency Variable Systematic

Using this high-tech feedback can improve your ability to control the clubface. It means less trouble pulling your shots off target.

Key Tips to Prevent Pulling the Golf Ball

It’s annoying when the golf ball pulls to one side. But, you can make your shots more accurate and consistent by following a few key tips. Make sure your swing and setup are just right to stop this problem.

Matching Clubface to Path

Getting the clubface and your intended swing path aligned is crucial. It makes your shots go where you want. Tools like alignment sticks can really improve your accuracy.

Neutral Grip

Using a neutral grip stops the clubface from closing too soon. This can stop the ball from pulling. Hold the club with a light, even pressure and place your hands correctly. It helps you stay balanced and in control while you swing.

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Consistent Ball Position

Where you put the golf ball is key to controlling the face angle when you hit it. Be sure not to put the ball too far forward. This can make the clubface close too soon. By always putting the ball in the same spot, your shots can become more reliable and accurate.

Proper Alignment

Being aligned correctly helps you hit the ball straight. Your feet, hips, and shoulders should aim straight at the target. This makes sure your swing follows a consistent path. Tools like alignment rods and mirrors are great for practicing and keeping your alignment right.

Tip Key Focus Tools/Aids
Matching Clubface to Path Aligning clubface with swing path Alignment sticks
Neutral Grip Preventing premature face closure Grip trainers
Consistent Ball Position Controlling face angle at impact Ball markers
Proper Alignment Ensuring body alignment Alignment rods

How to Stop Pulling the Golf Ball Guide

To play better golf, mastering your swing is key. This guide teaches the details that fix your game. It’s about understanding your swing to stop pulling the golf ball.

How to Stop Pulling the Golf Ball Guide

This guide shows you how to stop pulling the golf ball. It takes what you’ve learned and turns it into action. By following these steps, your game will improve.

Start by focusing on what you do before the swing. It’s important to set up right, hold the club correctly, stand the right way, and place the ball in the best spot. Doing this right every time leads to hitting better shots.

Next, special drills help fix your swing problems. They target common issues, like pulling the ball. Drills such as the Justin Rose Drill Modified and the Two Ball Gate Drill make you hit more accurate shots.

Many golfers wonder how to get better:

  • How can I ensure proper clubface and path alignment?
  • What is the best way to adjust my grip to avoid closing the clubface?
  • How often should I practice these drills to see results?
  • What technology can assist in tracking and improving wrist angles?
  • Which professionals can provide additional insights on enhancing golf performance?

These are important questions that need clear answers. A detailed plan, like this guide, helps golfers improve. They learn to fix their swing and hit the ball more accurately.

Now, let’s compare some swing fixes:

Correction Technique Focus Area Expected Outcome
Justin Rose Drill Modified Swing Path Encourages in-to-out path, improved accuracy
Two Ball Gate Drill Clubhead Path Ensures correct path, accurate alignment
Towel Under Arm Drill Arm Mechanics Compact movement, reduced pull risk
Consistent Ball Position Ball Setup Control over impact, accuracy at start

These methods will help you play better. Remember, always practice to follow this guide and make your swing great.


Improving your golf swing starts by fixing common problems like pulling the ball. This guide explained why we pull shots and how to fix it. By using the drills and tips we talked about, your golf swing can really change.

Getting really good at golf takes hard work and getting the basics right. Making sure your grip and stance are correct helps hit the ball better. Using drills and feedback will make your swing better and stop you from pulling the ball.

It takes time to get better at golf, you won’t see changes overnight. Getting good at golf means practicing a lot, being patient, and always being ready to go back to the basics. Keep at it, and you’ll see yourself getting better and having more fun on the golf course.

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