Fix: Pushing the Golf Ball Guide

Fix: Pushing the Golf Ball Guide

A pushed shot goes off the clubface strong but ends up right of the target. Pushing the ball isn’t good for your game, whether it’s the driver or an approach shot. Golfers who push are almost hitting straight shots. Tweak your stance and wrist angles to aim straighter.

This guide will help you stop pushing and hit the ball straight. You’ll learn why you’re pushing and how to fix it. With the tips here, you’ll start hitting more accurate shots. This will make your game better and more fun.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the mechanics of a push shot and its underlying causes
  • Adjusting your setup, alignment, and grip to promote a square clubface at impact
  • Implementing swing technique fixes to close the clubface and shallow out your downswing
  • Practicing targeted drills to groove the proper swing changes and eliminate push shots
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to hit straight, controlled shots off the tee and with your irons

Understanding the Push Shot

A push shot in golf is quite frustrating. It makes the ball go right of where you want it to land. A push shot can easily lead to poor scores and missed fairways. Knowing why you might be making these shots is key to fixing them.

What is a Push Shot?

A push shot is when the golf ball goes right of where you aimed. This is different from hooks, slices, or other shots. Those shots either curve too much or not enough to hit the target. A push shot goes straight right, often missing the fairway or green.

Causes of a Push Shot

Many things can cause you to push a golf ball. Here are some common reasons:

  • Open Clubface at Impact: If your clubface isn’t square when it hits the ball, it might push to the right.
  • Over-the-Top Downswing: Swinging too much from outside to inside can create a push shot by opening the clubface.
  • Grip Alignment Issues: Holding the club incorrectly can also cause push shots.
  • Forward Press at Takeaway: Starting your downswing by pushing the clubhead forward can lead to a push shot.
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Learning about these causes can help you improve. By making changes to your grip, swing, and setup, you can avoid push shots.

Setup and Alignment Adjustments

To fix your push shot, you need to adjust your setup and alignment. With a few tweaks, you can fix the problem of hitting the ball right of your target. These changes can make a big difference.

Aim Left of Target

Aim a little to the left of your target with your feet, hips, and shoulders. This helps offset the ball’s push to the right. It lets you hit the ball straighter off the tee. Remember this golf setup tip to fix push next time you’re playing.

Close Stance Slightly

Stand with your feet a bit closer than usual. This change helps keep the clubface square, reducing the push. It’s a practical adjustment to stop pushing the golf ball.

Forward Ball Position

Move the ball a bit towards your lead foot. This fix for push shot alignment lets you square the clubface earlier. The result: fewer errant shots to the right.

Weaken Grip

Hold your club with a more neutral grip, slightly to the left. This golf setup tip to fix push enhances clubface control. It helps remove push shots from your game.

golf setup tips to fix push

Swing Technique Fixes

Aside from changing your setup, fixing your swing can stop you from pushing the golf ball. These tweaks in your technique can lead to more consistent, straight shots.

Bow Wrist at Impact

Try to make your lead wrist curve in towards your body at impact. This move closes the clubface, preventing the ball from going right. Keep your wrist bent like this during your swing to fix your push shot.

Swing More Around Body

Instead of a steep, over-the-top downswing, try to swing the club more around your body. This change in your swing path increases the chances of a good, inside-out swing. It also gives you better control of the clubface, stopping those pushes.

Pause at Top of Backswing

At the backswing’s peak, try pausing briefly before starting your downswing. This short pause makes your downswing shallower. It helps you hit the ball better, squaring the clubface to avoid a push.

Fix: Pushing the Golf Ball Guide

This guide is all about understanding why you keep making a push shot in golf. It offers tips, drills, and ways to check your gear. It also includes plans to practice so you hit the ball straighter down the fairway. By learning what causes a push shot and using the steps in this guide, your shots will become more accurate. Your ball will go exactly where you want it to.

comprehensive guide to fix pushing golf ball

Grip Adjustments

To fix a push shot, work on your grip. Try for a neutral grip position. This is when the “V-shape” between your thumbs and forefingers points to your nose. Such a grip helps you control the clubface better when you hit the ball. If your grip is too strong, ease it up a bit.

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To stop pushing the golf ball, change your grip a bit. This can help square the clubface when you hit the ball. Make sure to use a neutral grip to have better control of the clubface. It’s a key step in fixing your push shot and making your shots go straighter.

grip changes to stop pushing golf ball

Ball Position Fundamentals

Placing the ball correctly in your stance is key to avoid push shots. To fix this common issue in golf, adjust your ball position. This will help square the clubface when you hit the ball, keeping it from veering right of your target.

Ball Forward of Center

Put the ball a bit more forward than center in your stance, near your lead foot. Having the ball there means you have a better chance to square the clubface. It helps stop pushing the ball too far right.

Allows Clubface to Square

Moving the ball further ahead also allows the clubface to line up better. This simple change can do a lot to fix your push shot. It leads to hitting the ball straighter down the fairway.

proper ball position

Body and Alignment Corrections

Getting your body in the right place is important to fix a push shot. Just by adjusting your stance and where you’re aiming, you can stop pushing the golf ball. Instead, you’ll hit straighter shots.

Get Body Positioned Correctly

Start by aligning your feet, hips, and shoulders with your target line. Don’t aim your body directly at the flag. This could open your clubface and lead to a push shot. Always check your body’s alignment to make sure you can hit the ball squarely.

Check Alignment to Target

Focus on aligning with your target, not just the flag. Make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are all in line with where you want the ball to go. This small change will help keep your clubface neutral. It stops the ball from curving to the right.

body and alignment fixes for push shot

Clubface Control Techniques

Clubface control is vital for avoiding push shots. When you address the ball, lean the shaft forward a bit. This helps lower the club’s face and make sure it’s square at impact. Try to bend your leading wrist before you hit. This action helps square the face. Also, turn your upper body around your spine as you swing. This gives the club more time to square up.

Set Up with Forward Shaft Lean

Having the shaft lean forward at address improves clubface control. It makes it easier to square the club through impact.

Flex Wrists Before Impact

Focusing on flexing your lead wrist before impact is crucial. This wrist action helps square the club. It reduces the chance of hitting push shots.

Rotate Upper Body Around Spine

Rotating your upper body around your spine is key. It helps get the clubface back to square by impact. This movement assists in hitting straight, controlled shots.

clubface control techniques

Drills to Groove the Fix

Using these practice drills helps you stop making push shots. By regularly practicing them, you’ll learn the right moves. These drills are key to improving your game by stopping the ball from going to the right.

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Alignment Sticks Drill

This drill helps you understand the right swing path and clubface position. Place two sticks on the ground. One points to your target, the other just left of the ball. Try to swing the club over the left stick. This helps your club move on the right path and face the right way.

Impact Bag Drill

The impact bag drill teaches you how to move your wrist to avoid push shots. Put an impact bag in front of the ball. When you swing down, aim to make your lead wrist curve towards the target. This action closes the clubface, preventing the ball from going right.

Split Hands Drill

This drill focuses on closing the clubface with your lead hand. Hold the club with a gap between your hands. When you hit the ball, concentrate on letting your lead hand do the work. This will help square the clubface.

practice drills to stop pushing golf ball


It can be really frustrating when your shots go right. But, by following the fixes in this guide, you can get rid of this problem. Work on your grip, ball position, and how you line up. Also, practice your swing and control of the clubface. Through focused practice on these fixes, you’ll soon be hitting straight, controlled shots.

To fix your push shot, you need to adjust your setup and how you swing. Change your grip, where the ball is, and your body’s position to make sure your clubface hits the ball squarely. Also, make swing changes like bowing your wrist and turning your body. These help square the clubface and send the ball where you aim.

The summary of tips to fix pushing the golf ball offers the guidance you need. With these tips, you can find out why your shots go right and make them better. Don’t forget to practice the suggested drills. This way, you’ll start hitting satisfying, straight shots right down the fairway.


Q: What is a push shot in golf?

A: A push shot happens when the golf ball goes directly right of the target line. This often leads to missed fairways, greens, and lower scores. It happens when the ball starts off strong but veers well off course to the right.

Q: What causes a push shot in golf?

A: Several things cause a push shot. These include an open clubface at impact and an over-the-top downswing. Issues with how you hold the club and starting the downswing with a forward press also play a role.

Q: How do I fix a push shot in golf?

A: To fix a push shot, work on your setup and aim. Try pointing your feet, hips, and shoulders a bit left of your target. A slightly closed stance and a more neutral club grip can also help. Add moves like bowing your lead wrist and a swing that’s centered around your body rotation.

Q: What drills can help me stop pushing the golf ball?

A: Use drills like the alignment sticks, impact bag, and split hands to fix a push shot. These exercises reinforce the needed swing changes. They encourage you to have a square or slightly closed clubface at impact, fixing the push.

Q: How important is ball position in fixing a push shot?

A: Putting the ball closer to your lead foot in your stance is key to get rid of push shots. A more forward ball position gives you time to square the clubface. This keeps the ball from going too far right.

Q: How do I improve my clubface control to stop pushing the ball?

A: Having great control over the clubface is vital against push shots. Lean the shaft slightly forward to reduce the club’s loftiness and encourage a square face at impact. Try to feel your lead wrist flex just before hitting the ball. This can help you hit it straighter.

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