Fix: Hitting Behind the Golf Ball Guide

Fix: Hitting Behind the Golf Ball Guide

Hitting the ground before hitting the golf ball is a common issue. It frustrates many golfers. Such misses can happen during full swings or short games. They lead to poor contact, less distance, and bad results. But fixing this problem is possible through the right swing mechanics and technique. This guide will show you how to stop hitting behind the ball. You will learn to improve your swing. Eventually, you will hit the ball more consistently.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why you’re hitting behind the golf ball, such as having the wrong swing path, ball position, or weight transfer.
  • Learn to “choke down” on the club. This will make your contact with the ball better and easier to control.
  • Discover the “pause drill”. It helps to have better rhythm and swing tempo.
  • Try balance and stability exercises. For example, stand on a ball or do the “flamingo” drill. These help with weight shift.
  • Fix your head movement. Also, learn to use your right arm better. This will make your swing more reliable.

Understanding the Root Causes

Hitting behind the golf ball is mainly due to swing path problems, wrong ball position, and poor weight transfer. For golfers to fix this issue, they need to delve into these key reasons.

Improper Swing Path

A swing path that’s either too steep or too shallow often means the club won’t hit the ball right. If the club hits the ground first, golfers will see a “fat” shot or miss the ball entirely. It’s crucial to work on an on-plane swing path for solid ball contact.

Incorrect Ball Position

Having the ball too far forward in your stance makes it hard to hit the ball cleanly. It’s because the club will first hit the ground. Positioning the ball slightly back in your stance is the key to hitting the ball well consistently.

Poor Weight Transfer

Not shifting your weight from back to front during your swing is a big issue. This can lead the club to touch the ground early and not hit the ball right. Golfers must aim for a smooth weight transfer from their back foot to the front throughout their swing.

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Common Golf Swing Faults Solutions
Swing Path Issues Develop a consistent, on-plane swing path through drills and practice.
Incorrect Ball Position Position the ball slightly back in your stance for optimal contact.
Poor Weight Transfer Focus on a smooth, balanced weight shift from back to front foot.

Choking Down: A Simple Solution

Choking down makes hitting the ball better and is simple to learn. By gripping the club lower on the grip, you can move the ball back in your stance. This helps hit the ball with a steeper angle, leading to cleaner contact.

choking down on the club

To try this, place your hands lower on the grip, near the clubhead. This moves the ball position back without changing your swing much. Keeping a steady posture and swing, just adjust where you hold the club.

By choking down on the club and moving the ball back, you get better ball contact. This approach also prevents the issue of “hitting behind the ball.” Play around with how far down you choke to see what works best for you.

The Pause Drill: Developing Rhythm and Tempo

The golf swing pause drill is great for improving your swing control and timing. To do this drill, start by getting into your regular stance. Take your backswing like normal but then stop at the top for 1-2 seconds. Then, carry on with your downswing and hit the ball. This stop makes you double-check your form and aim, leading to a better and more consistent downswing.

This drill is key for getting the right swing tempo. You can try pausing at different points or for different times to focus on various parts of your swing. Adding this to your practice will help you get a smoother, more even swing. This means you’ll hit the ball more consistently.

Fix: Hitting Behind the Golf Ball Guide

This guide offers proven golf swing tips to deal with hitting behind the ball. It also shares methods on how to make your golf swing mechanics more accurate. If you’ve been hitting the ground before the ball, you likely face issues with swing path, ball position, and weight transfer. This guide helps you address these concerns.

Simple steps like gripping the club lower and using the pause drill can improve your game. They teach your body to work together for better hits. Drills on balance, weight shift, and keeping your head still can also help. These exercises support getting rid of hitting the ground first. With the advice in this guide, you’ll see real changes in your play. You’ll enjoy hitting the ball more cleanly and consistently.

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golf swing tips to fix hitting behind the ball

Technique Description Benefits
Choking Down Gripping the club lower on the grip to position the ball farther back in your stance Creates a more descending angle of attack, improves ball contact, and gives better control of the clubhead
Pause Drill Pausing for 1-2 seconds at the top of the backswing before resuming the downswing Develops better control, rhythm, and tempo in your swing
Balance Drills Exercises that focus on improving your balance and stability, such as the “Stand on the Ball” and “Flamingo Drill” Promotes a more centered, controlled swing path and proper weight transfer

Stand on the Ball: Improving Balance and Control

The “stand on the ball” drill is not just fun but also helps golfers get better balance and control when swinging. To do this, put a golf ball under your far foot from the target. Then, take your normal stance and hold the club.

During your swing, the golf ball will keep your foot from moving too much. Your body has to stay even and not sway too far. This way, your swing becomes more steady and you shift your weight correctly.

Adding this golf balance drill to your warm-up brings big benefits. You’ll start feeling how a solid swing should be. This can help you hit the ball cleaner and improve your scores on the course.

golf balance drill

The Flamingo Drill: Mastering Weight Shift

The Flamingo Drill is all about keeping steady and balanced. It helps you get the weight shift right in your golf swing. Here’s how to do it: stand like you normally would, but place your back foot behind your front. Balance on just one leg. Then, do half swings while keeping steady on your front foot.

Doing this drill makes you create a stronger base. It also helps you move your weight right from the back to the front. This is key for hitting the ball well and getting power. Practicing the Flamingo Drill improves your swing. It stops you from hitting the ball too far back.

flamingo stance

Not only does the Flamingo Drill help with weight transfer in your swing. It makes your golf balance a lot better too. When you stand on one leg, you need a strong core and good leg coordination. This is what helps you move your weight right in your golf swing.

Adding this drill to your practice does wonders. It helps with your swing mechanics and how you control your body. This makes sure you won’t hit behind the ball. Plus, it helps you strike the ball more solidly every time.

Correcting Head Movement

Holding your head right is key for good hits. Too much movement messes with where you’re aiming your club. It can make the club hit the ground before the ball. This often happens if your head is too far forward when you start to swing.

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Lots of beginner golfers put their head in the wrong spot. They might have it right above the back of the ball. Or even further forward. This makes it hard to hit the ball right. So, the club can hit the ground first, then the ball.

Proper Setup Alignment

To fix this, focus on where your head is. Your left ear should be in line with the ball’s back. And keep it there as you swing. This helps stop the club from hitting the ground too soon. It makes your swing smoother and more accurate.

Avoiding the Push from the Right Side

Another common problem is pushing the ball because of a wrong move to the right. This happens when you lean too much on your right side. Your body should rotate, not just shift sideways. Keeping your head steady fixes this. You will hit the ball more cleanly and with better control.

Utilizing the Right Arm

Lastly, using your right arm right is important. If your right arm bends too much, it messes up your head position. You want to keep your right arm strong through your swing. This keeps your head in a good place. And it helps you hit the ball well every time.

proper head position in golf swing


This guide has shared many effective tips to fix hitting behind the golf ball issue. We’ve talked about the main causes and offered solutions like the pause drill and specific balance exercises. By following the advice here, you can really better your swing and hit the ball more consistently.

Solving the problem of hitting the ground before the ball takes time and effort. It’s about understanding the technical parts of your swing and making real changes. With the tips given, you’re well on your path to hitting the ball well and enjoying golf more.

Practicing the drills and strategies we’ve mentioned will refine your swing and balance. Stick to it, stay patient, and your golf game will surely improve. Making these changes will lead to a noticeable difference in how you strike the ball and play overall.


Q: What are the root causes of hitting behind the golf ball?

A: Hitting behind the golf ball often happens due to a wrong swing path. It’s also because of placing the ball wrongly and not shifting your weight right while you swing.

Q: How can choking down on the club help prevent hitting behind the ball?

A: Choking down on the club moves the ball backwards in your stance. This change helps hit the ball better. But, it might make you hit the ball slightly shorter.

Q: What is the pause drill and how can it help develop swing rhythm and tempo?

A: In the pause drill, you stop for 1-2 seconds at the top of your backswing. Then, continue with the downswing. This improves your swing’s timing and control.

Q: How can the “stand on the ball” drill improve balance and control in the swing?

A: This drill involves standing on a golf ball with your back foot. It makes you keep better balance and stability. So, you’re more in control of your swing.

Q: What is the Flamingo Drill and how can it help with proper weight shift?

A: The Flamingo Drill is standing on one leg while making half swings. It helps build a solid base and use the right weight from back to front foot. This is key for hitting the ball well every time.

Q: How can proper head position improve ball-striking consistency?

A: If you keep your head right, with your left ear lined up with the ball’s back, it keeps the club from hitting the ground early. This way, you hit the ball more consistently.

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