Fix: Coming Over the Top in Golf Guide

Fix: Coming Over the Top in Golf Guide

Many amateur golfers face the issue of an over-the-top golf swing. It causes inconsistent ball striking and erratic shots. Fixing this can lead to more accurate and powerful swings. Adjusting your grip, posture, and how your wrists are placed is key.

To improve, focus on how you shift your weight and rotate your body. This will help straighten out your shots. You’ll find useful drills and tech suggestions to track and enhance your swing. By overcoming the over-the-top swing, you can elevate your game.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the causes and consequences of an over-the-top golf swing
  • Learn how to adjust your grip, posture, and wrist position to fix the swing flaw
  • Discover effective weight shift and body rotation techniques to eliminate the over-the-top move
  • Utilize drills and technology, such as the HackMotion sensor, to monitor and improve your swing mechanics
  • Develop the consistency and practice necessary to make lasting improvements to your golf swing

What is an Over-the-Top Golf Swing?

An over-the-top golf swing goes from outside to in, not inside to out. The club comes at the ball from a high angle, leading to a slice or push. It’s when the club moves from the side of the target line on the backswing. Then, it moves down and across on the downswing. This leads to weak hits, loss of power, and trouble steering the clubface.

Definition and Consequences

Many golfers struggle with an over-the-top swing. It can mess up your hits and how you play. This type of swing often causes a slice or push. It makes it hard to aim and control the ball’s path. Also, the way the club hits the ball can mean less power and struggle to hit the ball right. This makes it tough to get the right distance and flight.

Common Causes of Coming Over the Top

Lots of things can cause an over-the-top swing. This includes holding the club wrong, too much body twisting, bad shifting of weight, and no wrist movement. Gripping the club too hard or wrong at the top of your backswing can lead to it. If you move your upper body a lot without shifting your weight, you might swing over the top. It’s important to fix these issues to stop swinging over the top.

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Fix: Coming Over the Top in Golf Guide

This guide will teach you how to correct the over-the-top swing in golf. You’ll develop a swing that’s powerful, accurate, and steady by making small changes. You’ll work on your grip, posture, wrist position, and how you shift your weight.

You’ll also learn about body rotation. These adjustments will stop you from swinging over the top.

There are drills and technology suggestions throughout the guide. These will help you track and get better at your swing.

fix over the top swing

Grip Pressure and Backswing Adjustments

One key fix for an over-the-top swing is to change your grip pressure. Lots of amateur golfers hold the club too tight. This tight grip can make your swing path go over-the-top. Try for a grip that’s just right, not too tight. You should feel the club, but don’t overdo it. This change can boost your swing speed and make the club easier to steer.

Also, think about shortening your backswing. A long backswing can cause problems, like an over-the-top swing. It’s tough to time the downswing right with a long backswing. Cut your backswing a bit shorter, to about three-quarters or seven-eighths. This helps keep the club where it should be during your swing. It also stops the over-the-top problem.

Posture and Clubface Alignment

Your posture is key to avoiding the over-the-top swing. If you hunch over or bend too much, hitting the right swing path can be hard. So, stand more upright, tilt your spine slightly, and bend your knees. This stance boosts your motion range and aids in swinging correctly.

More Upright Posture

Keeping an upright posture with a slight spinal tilt and bent knees helps. It enhances your swing’s path. It also stops you from leaning too much, preventing an over-the-top swing.

Clubface Square to the Target

Getting the clubface alignment right is vital against the over-the-top swing. Ensure your clubface is straight at setup. A crooked clubface can make you swing the wrong way. Aim to align your hips, shoulders, and clubface with the target for a good swing path.

Wrist Position and Rotation

How you position and turn your wrists in your swing is key. At the top of your backswing, aim for wrist supination. This means your palms should face upwards. It helps in many ways, like making your club path smoother and avoiding an over-the-top swing. Don’t extend your wrists too much. This can cause that over-the-top problem.

Wrist Supination at the Top

Getting your wrists in supination at the backswing’s top fixes the over-the-top issue. It improves your club’s path and keeps it more inside-out. Try to have your palms look up at the backswing’s peak.

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Increase Wrist Flexion Leading Into Impact

As you start the downswing, work on more wrist flexion nearing impact. This flexion, known as lead wrist cupping, makes the club approach more from inside-out. Drills such as the “motorcycle” can build this vital wrist position.

wrist positions

Weight Shift and Body Rotation

A proper weight shift is key to avoid the over-the-top swing. Instead of spinning your hips out and moving your weight back, change it up. Focus on moving your weight toward your target diagonally. Begin with your weight on your back foot’s heel and move it to the front foot’s toes. This change will make your club come down on a better angle and keep your swing inside-out.

Shift Weight Towards the Target

Moving your weight diagonally towards the target is crucial. It helps fix the over-the-top swing. This shift keeps you balanced and centered. It allows your body to turn correctly, avoiding the upper body spin. Working on this regularly will make a big difference in your swing.

Turn Your Shoulders Through Impact

Don’t just focus on weight shift; your shoulder turn also matters. Keeping a full turn through impact stops the over-the-top swipe. Many golfers stop turning their shoulders at impact, causing problems. Ensure you keep turning to square the clubface and make your hits more solid.

weight shift and body rotation

Drills to Stop Coming Over the Top

Smash Drill

The “smash” drill is perfect for fixing an over-the-top swing. You place a soft object behind the ball. It should be about a foot away.

Next, take your backswing like normal. Then, at the top, begin your downswing. Move your weight forward and let the club naturally drop. The aim is to “smash” the object without hitting it. This drill teaches you to bring the club into a good position to hit from the inside-out.

Headcover Drill

The “headcover” drill helps spot and correct an over-the-top move. Put a headcover just outside the golf ball.

If you hit the headcover during your swing, it means you’re coming over the top. Do your best to swing on a more inside-out path.

HackMotion Target Wrist Positions

The HackMotion sensor and app are great for feedback on your wrist positions. They’re key in fixing the over-the-top swing.

The app tracks your wrist extension at the top of your swing. It helps make sure you reach the best wrist position. Using HackMotion lets you understand and fix your wrist mechanics. These are often at the core of an over-the-top swing.

Under the Bridge

The “under the bridge” drill is great for learning the correct downswing sequence. Hold the club with only your lead hand. Keep the shaft vertical, resting your lead hand on top.

Now, swing, focusing on keeping your trail hand under your lead arm. This drill teaches the proper inside-out swing and stops the over-the-top move.

Over the Top Swing Drills

Importance of Weight Shift

A vital part of fixing the over-the-top swing is a proper weight shift. You need to move your weight diagonally towards your target during the transition and downswing. This action makes the club approach the ball from the inside. It also helps your body stay more balanced and centered.

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This move allows your body to smoothly turn through your shot. Rather than spinning out too early, your body follows through correctly. By focusing on this, you can greatly reduce the over-the-top move.

weight shift

Using Technology and Swing Analysis

HackMotion Sensor and App

The HackMotion sensor and app help correct an over-the-top swing. It attaches to your club and shows your wrist positions in real-time. This includes positions at the top of the backswing and at impact.

Using this system, you’ll see if your wrist is properly aligned for a good swing path. The app gives you drills and tips to enhance your swing mechanics. It’s especially useful for fixing the over-the-top move.

hackmotion sensor

Consistency and Practice

Fixing an over-the-top swing takes time, effort, and consistent practice. With the methods and drills in this guide, you can improve. Patience is key; results may not be immediate. Consistent, focused practice is essential for a better golf swing.

consistency and practice


In this detailed guide, you’ve learned how to fix an over-the-top golf swing. This means you can make your shots more solid, accurate, and stronger. We talked about changing your grip, how you swing back, and how you stand. We also covered your wrist and body movements.

It’s important to use the HackMotion tool to track your progress. With hard work, you will start hitting better shots. This will improve your golf game a lot.

Improvement won’t happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of practice to change the way you swing. Keep at it with drills and regular practice. You’ll soon see a big change in your swing. And that’s when you’ll really reach your golfing potential.


Q: What is an over-the-top golf swing?

A: An over-the-top golf swing moves the club from the outside to the inside. Instead of a smooth path, the club gets to the ball at a steep angle. This often leads to a slice or a shot that goes off track.

Q: What are the common causes of an over-the-top swing?

A: Several things can lead to an over-the-top swing. These include holding the club incorrectly, turning your upper body too much, not shifting your weight right, and not using your wrists correctly.

Q: How can I fix an over-the-top swing?

A: To correct an over-the-top swing, work on your grip and how you hold the club. Shorten your backswing. Make sure your posture and how you line up the clubface are correct. Pay attention to your wrists and how they move. Also, focus on shifting your weight and turning your body properly during your swing.

Q: What drills can I use to stop coming over the top?

A: There are drills that can help with the over-the-top swing. Try the “smash” drill, the “headcover” drill, and the “under the bridge” drill. Also, using the HackMotion sensor and its app to watch your wrist movements can be useful.

Q: How important is weight shift in eliminating the over-the-top move?

A: Changing your weight correctly is key to stopping the over-the-top swing. As you swing down, moving your weight towards the target helps the club come in from a good angle. This creates a path that’s more from the inside to the outside.

Q: How can technology help me fix my over-the-top swing?

A: The HackMotion sensor and app are great for working on your swing. They give feedback on your wrist movement, which is important for fixing the over-the-top swing. The app makes sure you’re getting your wrists in the right spot.

Q: How can I be consistent in fixing my over-the-top swing?

A: Keeping an over-the-top swing in check needs regular hard work. By mixing the right techniques and drills into your training, you’ll gradually get better. This helps build the habits and skills needed to get rid of the over-the-top error.

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