Best Golf Irons 2020 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The best golf irons of 2020 will naturally be a set of clubs that can enhance a game without costing so much money that getting time on a green will be difficult. best golf ironsGolf has become an even more popular sport and is more affordable than ever, which is great for players but can also be a hassle when finding high-quality equipment. Everyone wants the best golf irons, but in 2020, a lot of cheap manufacturers have started to release substandard junk that will leave you trapped in the sand.

To help you avoid this problem, we’ve identified the absolute best golf clubs of 2020, meaning we’ve taken much of the guesswork out of finding the best irons this year. We’ve also included some information to ensure every club you buy is guaranteed to be a success, since finding the right irons can be difficult for the inexperienced or uninformed.

Review of the Best Golf Irons 2020

Yes, we searched the marketplace to find the best golf irons currently available to work with players of all experience levels, including amateurs who would like to up their game – sometimes literally! This collection of options have been studied and rated to ensure only the best are reviewed, which means the golf irons of your dreams are just a click away. Have a look and you’ll see that there’s no foul business here.

Here’s our picks:

  1.  Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set
  2. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set
  3. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Irons (Sold as Set)
  4. Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 One Length Iron Set
  5. Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set

Top 5 Best Golf Irons 2020

1. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set is available as right or left-handed clubs and features a couple of customizable features that makes this set great for golfers who are particular about their club materials. The shaft comes as either graphite or steel, and the flex can be regular, senior, or stiff. The interior features a hollow construction for a lightweight swing while the face itself is high strength Ht1770 steel. The clubs can either be pitching wedge or dual wedge, which means the club works as a pitching and sand wedge at the same time.

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher is a cavity back set, meaning it’s built for strength and a good swing rather than more control and customization. These clubs are very forgiving when used, making them excellent for beginners or experienced players who don’t want anything finicky. Shots tend to have a high trajectory, while there is little digging during the swing. Most shots have a distance that is slightly longer than is traditional for a set of irons.

Ultimately, these are good clubs that are an improvement on the standard golf iron model because the shaft is lightweight, shots can be adjusted without being sensitive to the slightest movements, and users will get a good distance per swing. This silver and black set is perfect for a high handicapper who wants to finally show up his or her friends at the course.

  • Easy to use with a forgiving swing
  • Distance is larger than average
  • Includes a customizable shaft
  • These clubs can be easy to draw by accident

2. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

For the ladies out there who don’t enjoy the build of the standard golf club set, there is the TaylorMade M4 Iron Set. These clubs are available with a variety of flexes, including regular, senior, stiff, and the popular ladies. This makes them easier to hold and use for the average woman, but also have options available for the rest of the golfing population.

Some extra elements of customization are available, including customers getting to choose whether or not they prefer graphite or steel shafts while enjoying a game. They can also be oriented as right handed or left handed depending on a person’s preference. There is also a variety of configurations for the clubs, including PW, AW, and SW.

The manufacturer of these clubs ensures the design localizes face flexibility in the hitting area while also mitigating toe flexibility for better dispersion. These muscle backs have great distance and flexibility, and overall feel nice on contact during use.

The goal of the TaylorMade M4 Iron Set is to give a golfer the power he or she needs to truly go the distance during a game, and these irons manage to add an extra 5-10 ft. on average to a good swing. Because the face is designed to hit a ball dead on, there is a lot of power but not much precision, so these clubs work best for someone who already has skills developing on the course.

  • Head on design is great for power
  • These are available in PW, AW, and SW configurations
  • Includes a customizable shaft
  • The clubs are not forgiving

3. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Irons (Sold as Set)

The Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Irons is a set of cavity back clubs designed to improve the average player’s game without breaking the bank or your back during a swing. These lightweight clubs have graphite or steel shafts and are available right handed or left handed depending on personal preference. The D7 irons are sold as a set of seven for maximum use and can have a regular, stiff, or senior flex.

The manufacturer claims that each of the D7 clubs benefits from Super Game Improvement Technology. This is a design that ensures players can hit the ball with a full club face, allowing for better power and distance without the player getting weighed down in the specifics of ball control. There are extra grooves for better grip in case of difficulties, making the design worthwhile for novices, amateurs, and experts alike.

One characteristic of the Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Irons are their ultrathin face, which was included to give each swing a better feel and to allow for longer shots. The evidence is in the results from a single swing, which has the power to drive a ball an additional 5-10 ft. than average. Power holes are also included to try and get the maximum distance from each use.

This is overall a set of forgiving irons, making them wonderful for medium to high handicappers who want to up their game. The stiffness is excellent and great shots are almost guaranteed.

  • The ultrathin design adds extra power to a swing
  • Power holes ensure a strong drive
  • The clubs are highly customizable
  • The clubs are not very precise

4. Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 One Length Iron Set

The Cobra Gold Men’s King F8 One Length Iron Set is truly unique in its design, striving to stand out from the rest of the competition by implanting new technology and engineering to create a consistent swing no matter which club is used. These irons are reengineered to match 7 iron weighting and length while still having a consistent trajectory.

The forged steel club faces are meant enhance the amount of space available to smack a ball during a swing, ensuring there is more power behind a drive and golf balls can travel greater distances. Once again, power is the name of the game, although the Cobra Golf Set offers much better precision compared to other iron sets. The presence of extra grooves also help reduce spin. These clubs are available right or left handed and have a single 5-GW configuration available.

Besides the great engineering, the Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 set does allow for some customization. The shafts can be the ever popular graphite or steel, and the flex is available as regular, stiff, or lite. This allows for more customization for individual players who might struggle with standardized clubs.

These cavity back clubs are therefore some of the best golf clubs of 2020 because of their ease of use, high trajectory, and overall progressive aerodynamic design.

  • Designed for both precision and power
  • Consistent trajectory during use
  • Reduced spin during swings
  • Users need to get used to lining up hits like they’re using a 7-iron each time

5. Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set

The Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set is a group of cavity back clubs designed to help amateurs and experienced players improve their golf game by adding more power and precision to every swing. This set is available with a regular or stiff flex and can be right or left handed depending on the user’s preference. The shaft appears to be made of lightweight steel, making them easy for players to swing without requiring too much muscle or projection.

Each of the clubs in this set has an extra deep cavity that allows for more contact between the ball and club face. Extra grooves also create better grip, giving each swing the power and distance users want. At the same time, that extra deep cavity means the user can customize and adjust their game as needed without needing to sacrifice power. In other words, the Orlimar Golf Intercept set decided that players shouldn’t have to choose between distance and precision when it comes to picking golf clubs.

Each of the clubs has the same length as a standard 7 iron, allowing players to become more used to play and develop their skills without needing to switch clubs so often. It’s possible to get some extra distance with this set, meaning you can hit the ball an additional 5-10 yards than usual.

  • Excellent consistency in each swing
  • The extra deep cavity improves precision
  • It’s possible to get some extra distance
  • The grips can be a bit uncomfortable on this set

Types of Irons for Golf

Golf irons are a unique type of club that feature a metal head typically made of molded steel. The club heads of the irons are designed to be thin and tapering from front to back, and the face itself is grooved to help grip the ball when it is hit and give it some lift and spin. Irons can be divided a couple of different ways, with the first one being whether an iron is a muscle back or cavity back.

A muscle back golf iron is one that can be chosen by someone who possesses experience golfing. While the original muscle back was thin and difficult to hit with, but now additional metal was added to the blade, making it simpler to use.

Individuals who favor the muscle back iron like it because of its workability, as well as the ease of identifying mistakes when hitting with the blade. Workability is important for the experienced golfer, and the muscle back allows you to shape shots more. It’s excellent for giving you control over fades and draws, and will teach the user through the experience of mishits and poor shots. Ultimately though, the muscle back iron is poor when it comes to consistency, which is why only experienced golfers like to use the muscle back.

Beginners and individuals focused on consistency will have better luck using the cavity back. The cavity back was designed to stop the weaknesses seen with the muscle back. Its blade was made thicker and the bottom of the club is wider, giving hits more bounce. Hitting with this club tends to give you longer, higher, and straighter shots, making the cavity back ideal for beginners and intermediate players. The only downside is that shaping shots is more difficult when using this iron.

Besides being split between shape, golf irons are also distinguished as being long, mid, and short. Most irons come in sets of 3-9 (sometimes 2-9), with a pitching wedge thrown in. The long clubs are 2-4, the mid ones are 5-7, and then the short ones are 8, 9, and the pitching wedge. Shots will get longer as the clubs do, so long irons are better for shots that need to travel a great distance.

Short irons are easier to use than long irons for beginners because loft increases as the shaft decreases, giving players more ability to shape their shots and develop their skills. There is an average difference of 10-15 ft. in the distance produced by each iron, so a 3-iron will produce a shot that goes up to 15 ft. farther than a 4-iron. However, it’s important to remember that each person’s individual abilities will affect how far a bar goes when hitting with an iron.

Surprisingly, irons can actually be made with a variety of metals, most of which are pure iron or steel. The material should not affect your game, but can change the price of a set of clubs or even an individual club because of the production requirements.

How to Choose the Best Golf Irons

Buying the wrong set of golf irons can have a major effect on your game, especially if you’re trying to improve and struggle to distinguish clubs from one another. Ultimately, the best set of golf irons will depend on your own personal preferences as well as a number of other criteria like the set’s size, shape, material, flex, and even just the general feel of the clubs during swings and hits.

You never want to buy an entire set when you don’t have very much experience with the game, so remember to try out a couple of samples before investing your time and money in a set that might not suit you.

The first thing you need to do when choosing the best golf irons is be honest about your own abilities. Some clubs are designed to have minimal effects on a player’s shot, meaning there are little to no improvements. If you are a stellar player on par with the pros, these will be for you. If, however, you struggle with power or distance, then you will need a set of clubs that offer some game improvement like straighter or longer shots.

This game improvement typically comes in the form of long, broad club faces that have a bigger surface to make contact with the ball during a swing. A couple of other game improvements might be shorter shafts, increased flexibility, and even ‘power holes,’ which are extra holes drilled or built into the club face for a faster and smoother swing.

Another thing to consider is the irons’ size and shape. Do you feel more comfortable using a muscle back or cavity back? Do you struggle to use long irons but are great with short ones? If you are exceptionally tall or short, you might find that a lot of clubs don’t work for you. If this is the case, you might find that you work best with a 3-iron or a 9-iron rather than a standard mid-range option.

The flex is perhaps the most crucial part of picking an iron. The flex, or shaft flex, refers to how much bend the shaft of the club has, especially when striking a ball. Typically, the most flexible irons will have delegations like “senior” or “ladies,” meaning the clubs are best suited for someone with less muscle mass or weaker joints overall.

Since there are many manufacturers for golf clubs, there are tons of different flexes available. These will typically range from the aforementioned “senior” and “ladies to other options like “regular,” “stiff,” and even “extra stiff.”

Again, it’s important to be honest with yourself when trying to find the best irons. If you know that you tend to be weaker or can’t handle a ton of vibration, don’t be afraid to try clubs with more flexibility. Your joints and overall golf game will thank you!

Finally, something many people don’t consider is just the standard feel of the clubs. This ‘feel’ will vary from person to person and is difficult to quantify. In short, a club’s ‘feel’ is how it sits in your hands and what sort of vibration the club produces when it strikes a ball. Sometimes the feel is related to the iron’s flex, but not always.

If you have arthritis or weak joints, then stiffer clubs are likely not for you. This is because the feel is hard and stiff and won’t have any give. The vibrations or shock can hurt the joints and hands. Something with more flexibility, however, will feel right. The goal is to not hurt yourself while still playing your best game!

So, the best golf irons will generally be those that are the most comfortable for you to hold and use. If you are a tall, athletic male used to having great games, then you can get away with extra stiff, bare bones clubs with few modifications. If, however, you are older or new to the game, then consider getting something flexible with a couple of game changers to really help you enhance your abilities. It’s not cheating to play smart!


It can be difficult to find the best golf clubs for beginners as well as experts, but you’re not alone. We’ve determined some of the best golf irons of 2020 by carefully examining each set’s power, precision, and comfort during use to find the five greatest sets currently on the market. Remember to shop with your own specific needs in mind, but we’re certain you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on this list. With the sheer power of some of these models, you might even find yourself in the market looking for the best golf rangefinder to figure out just how much you’ve improved with your new set.

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