what is a shank in golf

What is a Shank in Golf?

Golf is a complex and challenging sport that requires a great deal of skill and practice. One of the most frustrating and often misunderstood aspects of the game is the shank. If you’ve ever played golf, you’ve probably heard of this term, but what exactly is a shank in golf? A shank in golf is

what color golf ball is easiest to see

What Color Golf Ball is Easiest to See

When it comes to playing golf, visibility is key. Choosing the right color golf ball can greatly impact your game, making it easier to spot your shots and minimize the risk of losing balls. But what color golf ball is easiest to see on the course? Key Takeaways: Choosing a high-visibility golf ball can improve

how wide is a golf ball

How Wide is a Golf Ball?

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve likely wondered about the precise dimensions of a golf ball. Specifically, you may be curious about its width and how it impacts your game. In this article, we will explore the dimensions of a golf ball, including its width, and answer the question, “How wide is a golf ball?”